'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Riding in Town Cars with Boys'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Riding in Town Cars with Boys'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl was definitely a heart breaker. From finding out your first love has moved onto your best friend to realizing your current love would never stop loving her true love, it seemed like everyone on the Upper East Side was coming to terms with the fact that happy endings aren't for everyone. Not all the tragedies were romantic in nature, of course: Nate had to deal with once again being manipulated by his family instead of earning his successes, and Ivy tried to accept the fact that the family she had grown to cherish would never really be hers. The real tearjerker of the night belonged to Chuck and Blair, though; serving as a reminder that even in our happiest moments everything can come crashing down.

Season 5, episode 10 ("Riding In Town Cars With Boys") brought on several worldwide twitter trends, from people debating who Blair should choose to shouting at the TV about Chuck's possible fate. Let's see what some of the best tweets looked like, shall we?

#10. BrittMelvin
What will Chuck Bass do to make me swoon tonight? #xoxo #GG

- How about offer to love your baby as much as he loves you? Does that work for you?

#9. Totesmarisa
Just so you guys know, pub houses don't traditionally go into 2nd printings just bc authors create dueling Twitter feeds... #GossipGirl #GG
- Gossip Girl had a strategic relationship with The Doctor's TARDIS, allowing Dan's book to have its 2nd printing and Nate to become editor-in-chief before Blair even gets a baby bump or Lily even gets a story line!

#8. cesvonz
No Dan, wait for the baby! She's going to grow up superfast and have a French accent. You'll love her at first imprint even when she bites!

- I think we've discovered the key right here, straight from the original author's mouth. Dan is the Jacob to Chuck's Edward!

#7. awwthatsnice
Wrong, Lily. Chuck is your son through adoption papers. Paper, Lily. It can never be destroyed. #GG

- Hahaha, of course Lily would forget she adopted Chuck. And @NoWhiteNoise's recaps never fail to give us pearls of wisdom.

#6. Imnotasia
Why are these writers INSISTING Nate can READ?! #GG

- And not only read, but WRITE, too! Our little Archibald's all grown up.

#5. case_face 
Ivy/Charlie is rocking quite the decolletage. Maybe she's related to S after all... #GG

- What a beautiful sentiment! Family isn't in your blood, it's in your breasts.

#4. mojotastic Morgan
Man, Tripp's special talent is apparently crashing cars. But I'm kind of bummed there were no wolves involved this time #GG

- As much as I wish Trip would stop with the crashes, the whole scenario could have been vastly improved had the wolves actually been involved.

#3. andilavs
Nate is like a golden retriever. He just wants to play fetch and everyone is like "NOT NOW" and "STOP DROOLING." But he's so cute. #GG

- If only Chuck and Blair had stayed to play fetch with Nate instead of escaping together...

#2. dressesinthechi
If Dan is giving himself a new ending to his book, can he also work on getting a new hair-do? Maybe... #GG
- Asking Dan to go without his beloved hair is like asking Chuck to take Monkey back to the pound! Do you really want that? 

#1. emattweets
If Chuck Bass dies, I'm never watching TV again. #truth #GG

- I think that's a sentiment many of us can agree with. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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