'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Memoirs of an Invisible Dan'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'Memoirs of an Invisible Dan'
After watching tonight's Gossip Girl, which camp do you fall under: angry and screeching Blair's or warm and supportive Alessandra's?

Season 5, Episode 4 ("Memoirs of an Invisible Dan") revealed the secrets hidden inside Mr. Humphrey's Inside, and the results sure weren't pretty. Do you - like Chuck - believe that "the artist must stand alone to observe the crowd?" Or do you take a hurt Serena's approach, and believe Dan should know better than to shove his friends into little literary boxes? And some of those friends don't even get their own little box! Poor Nate.

Here are some of the night's cleverest and most insightful tweets, in case you need to observe that crowd before cultivating your artistic opinion about the episode's events.

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#10. teaANDbiscuitry: So Chuck and Dan are...friends now? #GG
I think everyone watching is wondering the same thing. Oh, how things change...

#9. michaelwampler: I want to I want to read Dan's book for real, because I imagine it is absolutely awful. #CharlieTrout #GG
To be fair, those clips from the episode show that the book deserves at least Very Enticing Daytime Soap Opera status.

JEDIJESSICUH: Everyone sucks on Gossip Girl this week. No one believes Dan was just using creative license.
I knew we'd find a supporter of creative license! Why can't fiction just be fiction-vaguely-inspired-by-real-people sometimes?

MelissaLynnette: Nate is actually DOING THINGS!! #GG
All our prayers have been answered! Watching Nate do things is like watching a beautiful baby take his first steps.

#6. santagati: To imagine Nate has the mental capacity to remember a phone number is just too much for me. #gg
Ivy's already making Nate a more intelligent man. Maybe she really is the right girl for him. Anyone aboard the Navy ship?

#5. emilybelfiore: like i want to kill charlie/ivy. she needs to be taken down. how come gossip girl hasnt blown her secret yet #gossipgirl
Probably because Diana Payne is the new Gossip Girl, dear. And she works in print.

#4. Chillie_Jean: Everybody is so selfish tonight on Gossip Girl. How they just gon read 'their parts'? Smh
Wonder what it means that Chuck was the only one to read the book in its entirety. Could our resident villain be growing up more than even he realizes?

#3. Maybelline: I mean what I'm about to say in the nicest way possible. I always forget about Rufus. Even when he's on screen. #GG
Poor adult Humphrey. Even his own son forgets about his feelings.

#2. andreacarbonell: omg louis go away, you're so annoying. stop killing the opportunities of having dair or chair.. shesh #gg
Looks like the one thing we can all agree on is that Louis needs to go, no matter which couple you prefer.

#1. awwthatsnice: What kind of phone is this?! My phone would have died 2 hours after being put in that drawer. #GossipGirl
Truly the most insightful comment about tonight's episode. Nate and Ivy's story line revolves around a phone with a nearly unlimited battery life. Where can the rest of us get hold of this phone?

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