'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'All the Pretty Sources'
'Gossip Girl' Best Tweets: 'All the Pretty Sources'
Tonight's episode of Gossip Girl was all about the beauty of friendships and the fine line between integrity and intelligence. We rejoiced at the tear-jerker of a speech Serena gave her bestie Blair, remarked suggestively after Chuck tucked Dan in bed, watched in awe as Nate became even more marriageable than before ... and grudgingly accepted that Ivy is a great liar but Max is an even better blackmailer

Season 5, episode 8 ("All the Pretty Sources") set Twitter ablaze with those of us hoping for (or against) the possible departure of guest stars and the possible reunion of old flames, but mostly we all just enjoyed the fact that Gossip Girl remembered where its heart was:

#10. Maybelline
For the love...are we calling her Ivy or Charlie? For now, how about Chivey? #GG 

- This episode certainly proved that whatever Kaylee's name is on the show, her character plays both to perfection.

#9. mojotastic
If Louis messes up Blair/Serena that lisping bastard will be EXTRA dead to me. #GG

- Too true! As a betrothed prince, you can mess around with a girl's ex and paternity tests all you want. But touch her best friend? You goin' down...

#8. maribells01
"And here I thought you'd seen every side of him by now." Oh, GRANDFATHER BURN. Touche, William. #gossipgirl

- Nate + Cougar jokes will never get old, but considering that William hired this woman to sleep with his grandson somehow makes it ... even funnier!

#7. NoWhiteNoise
I really haven't heard anything Lily said after her third line. I'm so used to her not being around by this time. #gg

- I was just as surprising by Lily actually being a part of the proceedings too! Maybe next week she'll actually leave the house!

#6. awwthatsnice
Hunger Games reference! I just died. Also, only one of those boys is sexy enough to be in bed with Serena. #GossipGirl

- While I cannot divulge which boy would be which... Let's just say I agree with this statement and leave it at that.

#5. santagati 
Hi. I'm the Prince. I came back from my trip a changed man. Let me show you how I've improved by undermining your friendships. #GG #logic 

- Guess that boarding school in Switzerland didn't provide Louis with the best education, after all...

#4. ladynetdoma 
That awkward moment when Dan stays with call girls and Chuck goes to walk his baby doggy Monkey LMAO 

- Dan and Chuck's miraculous role reversal is so crazytown that I might just refer to them solely as Duck from now on.

#3. LeQueenofHearts
What kind of ex-boyfriend flies 3,000 miles to find the woman he loves only to hustle her for $50,000? #badromance #GG

- Max may indeed have been the missing link this week. He wants Chivey AND Serena, and he's a great guy looking to open a restaurant AND a master con artist. Amazing!

#2. iamsheabutta 
Chuck should've turned Blair away. That dress is too ugly to mingle with his suit. It's like Laura Ashley's New Years Collection. #gg

- Too true! Pregnancy brain is causing Blair to dress less that her best, but I'm sure she still looks beautiful to Chuck!

#1. DanielleJMe 
Louis and Diana leaving in the same episode? That would be awesome. #GossipGirl

- It would be the greatest episode ever, wouldn't it? No guest stars and just our core 5... Ahh, to dream a little dream of season 1...

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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