'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The Backup Dan'
'Gossip Girl' Awesome Quotes: 'The Backup Dan'
This week's Gossip Girl episode was all about friendships, and the shady things we sometimes tell to keep our own intact - or to break up other people's. Dan and Blair ran off together after her wedding last episode, and tonight opened with everyone else on the Upper East Side searching for the lost Princess Bride. Serena jeopardized her own friendship with Blair in order to help Chuck get his dream girl, while Chuck himself lost another chance to be with Blair because of a dowry. Nate's burgeoning relationship with 'Lola' was put on hold because of problems with her family and certain lies she may have been telling to protect herself, but it is Georgina who holds the biggest ace up her sleeve with a secret that could destroy everyone's friendships. She knows who really sent the blast that ruined Blair's marriage - and the ending montage suggests it might have been Dan, trying to keep Blair's friendship for good. 

"The Backup Dan" had a lot of misinformation and missed opportunities flying around, and tonight's best quotes highlighted the paradox of humans unable to communicate with one another in a world built on the instantaneous flow of information. It seems that's why Gossip Girl herself is so necessary to the Upper East Side: she tells everyone the things they should be telling each other.

#10. Nate Archibald (after being looked at strangely for joining Chuck and Serena): "What? I'm worried about Blair, too."

- Poor Nate! Even he recognizes that he's not meant to be part of the main story line!

#9. Georgina Sparks: "Cross my heart and hope to die."
Nate: "Here's hoping."

- Two zingers in one episode! Nate was on fire tonight!

#8. Airport Passenger (to Blair and Dan): "Now that I get a better look, you're not nearly as pretty as Blair Waldorf. And he's terrible!"

- Digs about Dan's hair will never get old, but the interesting here is how a statement about Blair not being Blair coincides with many fans feeling like she's not herself anymore...

#7. Serena van der Woodsen (about the "I love you"): "Don't you have anything to say?"
Dan Humphrey: "I do. I do, but I ... have to go to the bathroom."

- He remains as awkward as ever! I would laugh if I didn't kind of want to cry for S.

#6. Dorota: "She say something about Liz Taylor."
Serena: "Oh, my God. Blair wants to get a divorce."

- Serena and Chuck knew Blair well enough to instantly figure out what she's up to, and yet they can't be by her side to help her achieve it. Why? Because these kids don't talk to each other!

#5. Lola Rhodes: "I broke my two rules tonight: no dating party guests, and no dating guys named Nate, Luke or Troy. Usually lacrosse players, always trouble."

- Oh, honey. It's a lucky thing to be able to date a Nate. You've just got to make sure never to lie to them - it's their Achilles Heel.

#4. Serena: "I didn't mean to hurt you, Blair. But you choosing to run away with Dan and not telling me any of it? That hurt, too."

- Serena seems to somehow have become a beacon of truth in the last few episodes, and you've just got to love her for it.

#3. Blair (to Chuck): "What kind of chance do we have if our fresh start is you buying me from Louis?"

- As silly as the dowry plot seems to be, it is very true that there's nothing Chuck and Blair need more at this point than a fresh start. As much as they love each other, Blair is obviously still scared that it will fall apart again like it has in the past. Wonder if there's any way to cure fear?

#2. Blair (to Dan): "I could never have survived this last month without you."

- It's amazing how indispensable Dan has become to Blair over the course of the last season. Is it just because Dan happens to be exactly what Blair needs right now, or because Dan makes sure he's exactly what she needs?

#1. Georgina: "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. The world needs Gossip Girl."

- Georgie is a delicious fraud. She may not be the real GG, but she's providing a service just as vital as the original.

Tatiana del Pilar
Fan Columnist

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