Why are People Hating on 'Glee' this Week?
Why are People Hating on 'Glee' this Week?
I ask, but I already know. I've been obsessed with the first two episodes of Glee and all the songs and dance to come along with them. I was eagerly anticipating Wednesday's episode because we're finally getting into the first season of Glee. The months we waited before were miserable and unnecessary. Fans wanted the next episode right away. Instead, we waited. The first episode back was brilliant. There were so many quality moments and beautifully redrafted songs to download. This week, not so much.

I ask the question but I already know the answer. People didn't like Glee this week and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

1. Not enough Sue.

We love it when Sue Sylvester says outrageous things that no decent human being would ever say. Jane Lynch only had one shining moment this episode and her presence was severely missed.

2. Not enough Lea Michele singing.

After Lea, who plays Rachel Berry for those of you that don't know her by name yet, killed Rihanna's "Take a Bow" last week, we wanted to see more of her. Nay, we wanted to hear more of her. Rachel, although central to the plot of the episode, didn't have any singing time and that's just a shame. The power behind her vocals leaves me breathless and gasping for more. Luckily, she has another jaw dropping performance next week.

3. The ensemble pieces don't cut it.

I know that Vocal Adrenaline is Glee Club's biggest competition but their songs just aren't as good as the ones led by our beloved characters. The group is too big and it sounds like just another vocal arrangement. They don't stand out. Although "Mercy" was great, it was also entirely forgettable. Even the pieces performed by The Acafellas were only great comedically, not vocally.

4. Where's the structure?

People love structure. They love to know what to expect to a certain extent. The pilot episode and the premiere episode of this season were set up similarly. A big, fantastic vocal piece ended the show and there were small vocal pieces in between. This week's episode stands out because it wasn't as close in format. It's jarring and goes against what the audience established as what they like.

5. Too much drama.

I love the balance between drama and comedy and music in Glee but I feel this week had too much drama. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Kurt storyline because it felt so real but the rest was just overkill. Where were the moments where we could laugh hysterically or just simply smile? Although the episode was humorous, it was a bit too serious. It's a careful balance and this week, the scales tipped.

But, I will say I loved the episode. (Kurt, Victor Garber, Mark Salling aka Puck shirtless, Will forming a boy band - what's not to like?) I've seen it twice now and it got much better upon second viewing. I don't even think it was a bad episode, it was just the worst out of the three that we've seen. Fans have high standards but they shouldn't be discouraged by one episode. 'Acafellas' was still better than 85% of the television on this week.

Luckily, next week is a showstopper. It's a Kurt-centric episode that has a ton of heat and a great deal of dancing. I cannot wait to hear what you all think of it.

What did you think of 'Acafellas'? Are we being too hard on it?

- Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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