'Vitamin D' Recap: If Symptoms Persist, Consult Terri
'Vitamin D' Recap: If Symptoms Persist, Consult Terri
Last week on Glee, Will recruited glee club member turned something else April to give New Directions a kick, but things go downhill when he realizes she can't quit drinking and is becoming a bad influence to the glee kids. Rachel returned to the club, shared a moment with Finn, and "found out" that he's having a baby with Quinn. Note the quotes.

They finally made it to sectionals, and to boot, they're grouped with clubs from a school for deaf people and a halfway house, or so Mercedes insists.  Not surprisingly, they think nothing will stop them from winning, and Will's worried that they're becoming complacent.  He asks Emma for advice, but they end up having an awkward moment over mustard on his "cute Kirk Douglas chin mandible".  And, they end up getting advice from Sue, who suggests that Will light the competitive spirit in the kids.  Of course, it's in that belittling way.

Yep, you got that coming, brainspark.  It's a mash-up competition between the guys and the girls, or as Will calls it, a "glee-off".  They've got a week to work on their numbers, with the guys performing on Tuesday, and the girls on the following day.  The girls get right on it, but the guys notice that Finn's really, really tired.  He feels pressured by football stuff, glee stuff, and admittedly, girl stuff.  Yep, you got that coming, Rachel.

Sue believes glee club is bringing the Cheerios down, after eagle-eyeing Quinn shivering.  She's also tired from juggling two things (or three) at once.  She vows to take Will down the only way she can: tell Terri about his closeness with Emma.  So she visits Mrs. Shue at her home, convinces her that something's up between the two, and does pretty much what she did to Sandy before: tell her of a new job opening in McKinley High.  As school nurse.  She manages to get the job even if she doesn't have any experience, and gets to spoil another Will and Emma moment in time--by putting her finger on poor Emma's mug.

The guys are still concerned with Finn's fatigue issues, so he heads on to the clinic, and tells almost everything to Terri--you know, the Quinn-Rachel stuff, which she pounced on.  She prescribes him with decongestants, because it keeps her running.  And besides, she says, it's over the counter.  What we get is a really, really giddy Finn, which is why we get treated to a spaced-out performance of Usher's "Confessions Part II" and Bon Jovi's "It's My Life".  Well, all of the guys are giddy, because Finn gave them what he called "vitamin D".  Rachel ain't happy.

The girls are also having issues: Quinn isn't showing up for rehearsals.  Rachel gives her what amounts to a pep talk--she shouldn't be embarrassed, she can only rely on them when the baby grows, she has to return to practice.  It's a good thing, actually.  Rachel doesn't hate Quinn, turns out, and the Cheerio realized something, too.  No mention of Finn, whatsoever.

After the boys' performance, though, she's scared they'll lose, until Kurt (whose allegiance is with the girls, he says, even if he performed with the guys) reveals the existence of the decongestants.  She's got ammo against Finn, and calls him out for cheating, but by some odd twist of fate, all of the girls end up taking the decongestants from Terri.  Well, except for Quinn, because she's pregnant, so she's given folic acid instead.  Their performance is similarly giddy (to Tina, more so) but Will and Emma like it too.

Terri's still got a plan to separate Will and Emma, and she finds an unlikely ally in Ken, who's also concerned that his girlfriend's hooking up with someone else.  She convinces him to propose marriage to her quickly--and gives him the drugs, too.  At the lounge, after some more coercion, Ken finally proposes, with pretty cute vows ("I promise to clean you of sadness"), but she doesn't have an answer.  Confused, she asks Will, but Terri sees more red--so she drops by Emma's office, asserts that she can't have him, and virtually forces her to accept the proposal.

Finn confronts Rachel about their similarly giddy performances, but they both realize they've cheated, and they feel bad, and they decide to both withdraw from the competition and apologize.  Quinn, on the other hand, realizes that she can't raise her baby, and agrees to give it to Terri once she gives birth--but she still has to shoulder everything, because Terri won't pay for it.  Emma, seemingly scared of commitments, drops by the locker room and asks Ken a few more questions about the proposal.

And then things get complicated.  Terri's caught giving those decongestants--thanks to Howard being apprehended by the police--and Figgins forces her to resign.  Will isn't happy with what she did, but he doesn't know he's on the hot seat, too.  Figgins thinks he's being too competitive, and determines he can't handle glee club alone, and decides to give New Directions a co-chair: Sue.  The kids aren't happy.  Well, all but the Cheerios.

But the biggest heartbreak of them all comes from Will and Emma.  She said yes to Ken's proposal.  He's speechless.  They both go their separate ways, but they both turn back and take a glance at each other.  Sucks to think that, in the end, Terri--and by association, Sue--win this one.

Next week on Glee, Sue lays down the law.  Good for the glee kids, bad for Will.

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