[Videos] 'Glee' 100 Episode Look Back: Kurt's Top 6 Moments
[Videos] 'Glee' 100 Episode Look Back: Kurt's Top 6 Moments
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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To celebrate the 100th episode of Glee, we've been taking a look back at the best moments of the original six glee club members: Mercedes, Tina, Artie, Finn, Kurt and Rachel. Today's featured Gleek? Kurt Hummel.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that Kurt is probably my all-time favorite character on Glee. Others have come and gone, but this original glee club member has impressed and inspired me since the very beginning.

So you'll understand when I say it was extremely hard for me to pick so few top moments for Kurt. From stylish, snarky fashion aficionado, to Gleek and Cheerio, to Warbler, and back again to talented New Directions member, Kurt's journey at McKinley High has not been an easy one.

The countertenor had a lot to prove, and he needed a whole lot of strength to draw from to make it through. Now he's a NYADA student, a Vogue.com intern, a singing waiter, and the founder of not one, but two New York City-based bands. You'd think he never sleeps!

I had so many moments in mind, and narrowed the list down several times before deciding on these final picks. They're in no particular order of importance, and the list is definitely not exhaustive.

"Rose's Turn"

If you asked Kurt, he probably wouldn't say this was one of his favorite moments. He put on the performance as a result of being hurt that his father was spending so much time with Finn, and after an episode spent trying to be more like Burt.

But the raw emotion here is absolutely arresting, and I would argue that this is one of Kurt's best solo musical performances on Glee. Add to that the fact that Burt was watching, and as a result we got one of those father/son moments between that we've grown to love so much on the show.

The pure passion and talent evident in Chris Colfer's voice here is mesmerizing. I think every avid viewer of Glee up to this point knew the guy could sing, but there was something different about this performance. It's a stand-out number that I couldn't leave off the list.

"I Want to Hold Your Hand"

Another moment involving Kurt's father, but in a very different way. In the season two episode "Grilled Cheesus," Burt Hummel has a heart attack, and it's not clear at first whether he'll pull through.

Though many of his fellow glee club members and friends try to comfort him, Kurt mostly rebuffs them, partly because many of their well-meaning gestures are religious in nature and Kurt identifies as an atheist. What he believes in, he reveals in the episode, is their relationship. "I believe in you," he says at his father's bedside. "And I believe in us. You and me. That's what's sacred to me."

Before that moment, however, he performed this piece for the glee club to demonstrate his love for his father to them. Colfer's clear, spot-on vocals, combined with flashbacks to Kurt's childhood? Easily makes this one of the best moments on Glee for me, period, and definitely a great Kurt Hummel moment.

First "Klaine" Kiss

Let's skip ahead a bit, shall we? You can't really talk about Kurt's best moments without including a very important Klaine scene from later in the second season.

When the Warblers' beloved pet Pavarotti dies, Kurt sang another Beatle's song, "Blackbird," for the group, and Blaine recognized his feelings for Kurt during the performance. Later, he approaches Kurt while the other boy is decorating the bird's casket, and confesses his feelings.

What followed is one of the most memorable moments in Glee history. Blaine leans in for a kiss, Kurt accepts, and the rest is history. I'd say Kurt's first "real" kiss, and the first with his now-fiancee? Definitely belongs on a list of best Kurt moments.

Prom Queen

Like Tina, Kurt was once Prom Queen at McKinley High as well. And like Tina, the honor was not exactly bestowed upon him willingly.

In yet another effort to humiliate the boy, several of his classmates voted for him for Prom Queen, and as a result, he'd have to stand next to Dave Karofsky, his former tormentor and the choice for Prom King, onstage in front of everyone. When his name is called, Kurt at first reacts by running out, and is followed by his prom date, Blaine.

After talking to Blaine, Kurt realizes that by leaving, he'll have let the bullies win. He instead returns to the shindig, accepts his crown, and is surprisingly cheered on by the assembled crown. And when Dave can't go through with the traditional King/Queen dance, Blaine steps in.

This whole scene is just one of many examples on Glee that shows that no matter what, you can't tear Kurt Hummel down. 

 "Being Alive"/Acceptance to NYADA

Initially, Kurt did not get accepted to his choice performing arts academy after high school. It's a tough blow for the character, and one not made easier by the fact that his best friend got accepted to the same school.

After wallowing in Lima for awhile between seasons three and four, Kurt finally goes to New York City to follow his dreams. He doesn't pursue music at first, and instead becomes an intern for Vogue.com, which is no easy feat. However, when Carmen Tibideaux offers him a chance to audition for NYADA at their winter showcase, he performs this number and blows the audience away.

Thanks to this moment, Kurt is finally accepted to the academy, and ends up back on track towards studying at and graduating from his dream school. I'd say it's a pretty important moment when considering Kurt's journey on the show, and the song is yet another amazing performance by Colfer.

The Proposal

Finally, a more recent moment on Glee makes the cut, because not only is this moment important to the character of Kurt so far, but it will make a huge impact on who he will be in future episodes as well.

In the first episode of Glee's fifth season, Kurt and Blaine get back together and engaged all in one episode. Unbelievable? Contrived? Maybe. But this is Glee we're talking about, and an all-Beatles episode demanded a big moment like this one.

There's really very little else Klaine fans could have asked for here, and it was probably close to the perfect proposal for Kurt as well. When he approaches Dalton Academy, knowing Blaine is waiting to propose to him, he is surprised to find not just his "Teenage Dream" boyfriend, but New Directions, the Warblers, members of Haverbrook School for the Deaf, Vocal Adrenaline, and former ND members and friends Rachel, Santana and Mercedes as well.

This performance of "All You Need is Love" was just the sort of spectacle the song required, and delivered just the sort of proposal Kurt deserved. The actual proposal takes place at the staircase where Blaine and Kurt first met, and though Kurt was unsure how he would respond to Blaine before entering the school, following this display, he happily accepts.

Since this is probably one of the happiest moments of Kurt's life, I think it's safe to say it belongs on this list.

Do you agree with the moments I chose for Kurt, fellow Gleeks? Make sure you comment below with your choices or to say you agree! 

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