'Throwdown' Recap: Sue Versus Will, Round One
'Throwdown' Recap: Sue Versus Will, Round One
Last week on Glee, Will starts a friendly glee-off between the kids, which go haywire because clueless school nurse Terri got them high on drugs.  And, like many of these things, the side effects are quite scary.  For one, Sue gets to be co-chair of New Directions.  And then there's the-event-which-shall-not-be-named.  Okay, I'm just scared that when I see Emma's longing eyes tonight, my heart will break further.

Okay.  Heartbreak averted.  Sue and Will, fighting in front of the kids, in slow motion.  "Look at us," Will said during the voiceover.  "We're fighting in our voiceovers."

In other words, putting Sue and Will together will never really work well, but Figgins knows otherwise.  He calls the two to his office and asks how stuff are going: they both insist everything is fine.  So fine, in fact, that they are forced to hug--but not without exchanging nasty words in between.

Of course, Sue's plan is to rip the glee kids apart, and maybe, just maybe, get Will fired.  She thinks the minorities in the club are not being accommodated, so she gets those kids--Mercedes because she's black, Tina because she's Asian, Artie because he's on wheels, you get the idea--and panders to what they want.

While all that's happening, Will's looking after two pregnancies.  Well, an actual one and a faked one.  After accompanying Finn and Quinn to the doctor--they find out the baby is a girl--he realizes he hasn't had anything to do with his "baby".  He wants to go to her next doctor's appointment.  Now that we thought of it, what exactly is going on during those "appointments"?  Oh, and speaking of Quinn, Jacob--that creepy reporter kid--apparently knows that she is pregnant.  He somehow mentions it to the love of his life, Rachel, who somehow virtually confirms it.  The only way to keep his mouth shut: she must give him her underwear.  I know, right?

Anyway, no wonder Will feels so stressed, more so when he confronts Sue and she admits that she is indeed trying to break up the glee club.  Back at home, Terri--in a surprisingly good turn--suggests that he get down dirty, so he fights back by failing the Cheerios in Spanish class.  Apparently, they aren't really doing well in class.  It's another shouting match at Figgins' office: Sue wants Will fired because she doesn't have any Cheerios left.  Will gets a win on this one, though, and Sue loses her free passes.  She almost goes postal.

Finn also feels stressed, feeling that he doesn't get to do any of the baby-related decisions, never mind that Quinn is giving it up for adoption.  She doesn't want the kid named Drizzle, and calls him insensitive.  (I know Apple is funny, but Drizzle?  Hipster, yo.)  He invokes Rachel and her being supportive.  Uh-oh.

Let me change that--it's Quinn who feels stressed.  After seeing Rach and Finn rehearse "No Air", and feeling shut out because she's only doing back-up, she confronts Rachel.  Well, the conversation ends up going to Quinn being on Sue's side and what she should keep the glee kids nearby.  Rachel didn't convince quite well, though, so we're treated to a slightly convoluted song number.

Sue wants her Cheerios back, and in exchange, she promises to reunite the glee kids.  Will won't budge.  When he gets the chance to show his kids' performance--at this point, Puck and Brittany have left, agreeing with Quinn's "we're not toys" line, although oddly she's staying--Sue stages a walk-out with her kids, calling the performance boring after only the first line.  Another fight--well, not really.  It's the one in slow motion earlier.  Will finally says Sue's rude and classless and thinks he'll be alone forever.  That is a terrible smackdown.  Things get really, really personal.  The kids, frustrated, decided to stage their own walk-out, not happy seeing Sue and Will fight.  Eventually, he's the one left alone.

Will sets another ultrasound appointment, and Terri's forced to bribe the doctor to fake the ultrasound.  Kendra's got some threats too, about her husband being well-connected and stuff.  Conveniently, Terri's "baby" is now a girl, and Will's in tears--not because he's disappointed, but because he's seen his baby for the first time.  Only it really isn't his.

The biggest what-the moment of the night: Sue suddenly decides to step down as co-chair of New Directions.  After that fighting match, she's talking Will in a very calm manner?  I'm a bit disengaged.  She still wants to contribute, though, so he acquiesces.  Will talks to the reunited glee club, and gives the customary to-sum-the-episode-up pep talk on minorities--and Sue drops the bombshell: she knows Quinn is pregnant.  Apparently Jacob still wrote the article--but only because Sue asked him to.  She storms out, ditches Quinn from the Cheerios, and as the club sings along to Avril Lavigne, she tinkers with my already broken heart and smashes it further.  I didn't expect to feel sympathy for her, but from that moment, I did.  And Rachel is right.  Glee's the only thing she has now.

Next week on Glee, McKinley High faces a wave of slushy attacks, and Sue falls in love.  Wait a minute.  Sue is in love?  Please let it be with Ken, please let it be with Ken...

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