This Week in 'Glee' Quotables: "Acafellas"
This Week in 'Glee' Quotables: "Acafellas"
The newly improved Glee quotables corner--because it isn't just Sue who's got something to say.  This week: thumbs, bowels, and both armpits.

Sandy: "I told Figgins that you're going to have a school full of Nancy's unless you get some hot wood in those teenagers' hands."

Sandy: "Oh please, my life is a disaster with no creative outlet... other than writing my Desperate Housewives fan fiction."

acafellas-idonthavethumbs.jpgWill: "I apparently don't know how to dance."
Henri: "I don't have thumbs."

Will: "Being in a boy band did wonders for our love life. We were having sex once a week!"

Finn: "What's a cliche? Is that a bad thing? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, is this one of those chick things when you're pissed about one thing but you're just pretending like you're pissed about something else, because..."

Sue: "It's a good start. Sowing the seeds of destruction."

Sue: "I want my full budget restored. I need a fog machine."

Howard: "Who is Josh Groban?"
Sandy: "Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself!"

Kurt: "The sweaty Nazis have just had more time to practice."

Howard: "I'm doing inventory. It was never my dream."

Ken: "I swear to you, I will slip my wrist so far down your throat you will taste my armpit hairs!"

Puck: "Dude, my bowels have better moves than you!"

Sue: "The way you use your mental illness to help these kids is really touching. I'm shocked you're not married."

Finn: "What's wrong with you?"
Dakota: "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me is that you're freakishly tall! I look like a woodland creature!"

Rachel: "Our point is: You're fired. And I'm taller than you."
Dakota: "Barely."

Sue: "This is what we call a total disaster, ladies. I'm going to have to ask you to smell your armpits. That's the smell of failure, and it's stinking up my office."

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Screen capture courtesy of Fox)