'The Rhodes Not Taken' Recap: One Lady Literally Takes Everything By Storm
'The Rhodes Not Taken' Recap: One Lady Literally Takes Everything By Storm
Last week on Glee, Sue and Sandy launch another diabolical plan to take down glee club, and score a point when Rachel leaves to star in the musical they're staging.  Oh, and Quinn tells Finn that she's pregnant--but doesn't tell that Puck is the dad.

It's glee club invitationals, and New Directions are in the middle of rehearsing, but with Quinn taking over as lead female vocals.  She leaves in the middle of rehearsals--morning sickness--and nobody knows why, except for Finn and Will, of course.  The rest are worried that Quinn's voice isn't strong enough for the lead.  Later, he has some cake with Terri, and he starts wondering why she hasn't had morning sickness if she's pregnant.  He's interrupted by a waiter, who turns out to be a former student of his--and, turns out, he's been failed "on purpose" for six years so he can stay in Vocal Adrenaline.  Brain blast!

Emma pulls Finn aside for some special counseling session.  Supposedly about his scholarship options, it's actually about Finn's baby.  (Bad Will.  Bad Will.)  They end up talking about Rachel's departure, and Finn's worried that if they don't win the regionals, he won't have a chance to get a music scholarship, at least.  She encourages him to convince Rachel back.

While all this is happening, school paper writer (and celibacy club kid--I finally know his name!) Jacob asks Rachel to flash him.  Epic line: "Now get those sweater puppies out of their cashmere cage!"  That's quelled quickly just as Finn comes by, and he starts convincing her, but ends up offering his help for script readings instead.  Awkward moment number one.

Will asks Emma to help him with stuff: grab the permanent record of former student April Rhodes.  (Emma's jealous.)  A quick Google search brings him to a pretty big house somewhere in town, where they talk awkwardly--but turns out she doesn't remember him.  And she thinks he's a client.  Is she a prostitute?  Escort?  What do you call it?  Even funnier, she's squatting on a foreclosed house, and the conversation ends up on the sidewalk, where Will convinces April that she can return to WMHS (since she has only three credits left to graduate) and, of course, join glee club along the way.  It's a go.

Glee club isn't fond of April's arrival as Rachel's replacement, partly because she's old (but Puck likes it!) and, in Mercedes' words, "she isn't Rachel."  She starts singing "Maybe This Time" off Cabaret--and, thanks to the power of editing, it becomes an April-Rachel duet that goosebumpy--and everybody's stunned.  Kurt's in tears.  But the kids aren't really convinced yet, so Will ask her to try connecting with them.  Connect is exactly what she did: the wonders of wine and muscle magazines to Kurt, the wonders of shoplifting to Mercedes and Tina, and... I don't know what exactly happened in the football locker room.

Back at the musical, Sandy's being reeeally hard on Rachel, but she ain't quitting.  She rehearses with Finn at the choir room instead, and as he tries to convince her to return to glee club, they end up planning a date (of sorts?) at the bowling alley.  Awkward moment number two--averted when Will and April arrive to practice the song.  Awkward moment... nah, I won't count it for it's not with Finn.  Rachel and April later bump into each other at the restroom and start arguing about Finn, and about her behavior--and April vows she won't let go of her star status again.

Emma's concerned that April's being a bad influence on the kids--after Kurt went to school inebriated and threw up on her--so Will gets his ward to the bowling alley and talk about things.  She quickly vows to change, and the chat went to Will's dreams of singing with her when they were still students, which ends up in the two of them having a duet along to "Alone".

Finn and Rachel are also there: he teaches her how to bowl, one awkward moment leads to another, and they kiss.  Oh, and he convinces her to return to glee too, once he tells her he appreciates her and everybody's missing a friend when she left.  And he wants to spend more time with her, too.  Awkward moment number I have lost count.

Back at choir room, the glee kids speculate about what's up with Quinn, and Puck reveals everything: that she's pregnant and Finn is the dad.  Rachel came in at the worst possible time--she learns everything and the two have a fight.  Finn admits that he needs the scholarship to be able to support the kid, but says the kiss was real.  She quits again.  Uh-oh.  Well, not really, for it dovetails perfectly to the only Sue scene in the episode, so it must be good, right?  Rachel realizes being the big star is quite a big thing, and despite full creative freedom, she ain't happy.

Invitational time, and April arrives drunk at the warm-ups--and to boot, she attempted to run Emma over!  Will is disappointed, but she performs anyway, leading an effort towards Carrie Underwood's "Last Name", cowboy outfits and all.  Rachel ain't happy--she's watching--but Will is.  After that, though, Will says she can't join glee club, and she finally realizes everything.  Feeling that she's overshadowed the kids, she decides to get sober and start pursuing her dreams elsewhere.

Cue the obligatory happy ending: Will apologizes for bringing April in, they agonize about the second performance, Rachel comes in to take over (with some defending from Finn), and everybody performs "Somebody to Love", and with that last note from Mercedes... goosebumps, all over again.

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