The 'Glee' Concert Tour: It's So Big It Won't Make Any Money
The 'Glee' Concert Tour: It's So Big It Won't Make Any Money
Have you bought tickets to the Glee concert tour that'll kick off in Phoenix next month? Well, you're in for a treat, because there's a hell of a lot in store.

"We're gonna do between 15 and 18 numbers," Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly. "We made a decision to do our biggest hits because that's what fans want to see. It's a concert tour but it also has a story in it." That story happens to be about the rivalry between New Directions and the murderous Vocal Adrenaline.

Murphy also promises that the tour would be a visual delight. "It's a huge stage," he said of the set, which will be designed by Lady Gaga's set designers. "We've got multimedia. It's really big. Fox believes in it so much that they've hired the best people."

And it's all a huge thank-you to the gleeks who've made this show, admittedly, a phenomenon. "It's not about going out and selling out a lot of dates and making a lot of money," he said. "In fact, we won't make any money with this first tour because we've put so much money into the set design. It's really just a great thank you to our fans."

Twice as excited, ticket-holding gleeks?

(Image courtesy of Fox)