Should Santana Be Good or Evil on 'Glee'?
Should Santana Be Good or Evil on 'Glee'?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This week's episode of Glee was surprising for many reasons. First, it was actually good, something I haven't said in a long time. Second, and more importantly, there was actual character development, and nowhere was this more apparent than with Santana.

Glee's Queen Bee-yotch showed her softer side as she explored her lesbianic feelings for Brittany, ultimately confessing that she loves her sweet lady kiss partner. I'll overlook the fact that anyone being in love with that frittata is a bit silly, but Santana's revelation poses a serious question.

Is Santana turning good? Personally, I love the fact that she's become the show's token villain, but this new change of heart could be a big breakthrough for the character. As I see it, Glee now has three options for Santana.

Santana Turns Good

Maybe Santana will now listen to her better angels and continue to grow as a human being, becoming softer and nicer to those around her, allowing herself to feel actual emotions. While this might be interesting, I consider it the worst possible outcome. Glee needs a villain, and while Sue Sylvester occasionally serves that purpose, she can't get away with the sexual manipulation that Santana does.

Santana Targets Artie

As soon as Brittany said that she would love Santana and be with her if Artie wasn't in the picture, I got a flash of Santana's brain going into overdrive coming up with ways to break up the happy couple. True to her tough girl act, I could easily see Santana proceeding to implement a devious strategy to break up Artie and Brittany, just like she did with Quinn and Sam. Maybe she seduces Artie. Maybe she seduces Mike Chang, causing Tina to try and win Artie back. Maybe she just pushes Artie down a flight of stairs like Sue did with the coach of Aural Intensity. Depending on how dark Glee wants to go, Santana could do some real damage.

Santana Goes Back to Her Skanky Ways

Sadly, Glee doesn't always stick to its plans to let characters grow emotionally. Sue's trip to the pediatric cancer ward was followed by her throwing a man down a flight of stairs. So the show could very easily ignore Santana's realization from this episode and have her go back to whoring herself around the school, making out with Sam, sleeping with half the football team and completely disregarding any attempt this week's episode made to have her grow as a person.

From these choices, the second option is the only one I want to see. Glee may have tried to soften Santana up, but that's no fun and just turns her into a character as dull as Quinn or Tina. What makes Santana one of my favorite Glee characters is her relentless bitchiness and awfulness to others. If she goes into overdrive trying to destroy Artie, it would show that she really does have feelings for Brittany, but she doesn't know how to handle it, so she just does what she does best.

Hopefully Glee will keep Santana evil, because just like Cobra Starship, I like it when them good girls go bad.

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