Gleeks React: The Deep, Dark Secrets of Lucy Caboosey and Dave Karofsky
Gleeks React: The Deep, Dark Secrets of Lucy Caboosey and Dave Karofsky
If I could make a complaint about last week's supersized Glee episode, is that it was 30 minutes too long.

But that aside, I think "Born This Way" was a good episode. Sure, it isn't as great as those really good episodes we saw earlier this year, but it was nice to see some storylines being set up, as well as some flashes of brilliance (case in point: "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty"). Now, the storylines in question is where I'm a little confused -- either I can't see how the writers plan to flesh it out in the four remaining episodes this season, or it just doesn't make sense at all.

And you, the gleek population who watched along and got back to us through our Twitter and Facebook pages, tried to wrap your hands around these storylines, too. Which means another edition of Gleeks React!

Lucy Caboosey and Her Vanity

Remember wondering why, after seeing Quinn develop thanks to her baby drama -- and supposedly understanding how it is to be in the bottom -- she suddenly wants to be on top again, aiming for Finn's heart and the honor of being prom queen? It seems we had an answer last week: she was neither pretty nor popular in a past life. I mean, Quinn is hot. Lucy? Not so much:


Compare and contrast, gleeks.

The whole Lucy Caboosey issue explains a bit about her motivations, but not all of us are exactly convinced:

@issanika: "It's too much. She's a bitchy cheerleader one day and then [a] fat and ugly friend who understands how hard it is to be an outsider."

@anniephotos: "I thought it was some kind of joke."

MarniL: "Yes, it's fine that Quinn decided to fix herself or whatever. What's not fine is that she knew how it feels to be miserable and alone and then still goes out of her way to make others feel just like that. I hate that character. And it annoys me that she keeps getting rewarded for being awful."

On the other side, some of us are convinced:

Mashavu Gordoon, via Facebook: "It made sense to me because of her reasoning as to why she let Puck hit it: 'I felt fat that day.' Everyone always wondered why she was so hateful to everyone, and now we know!"

@paddy_rox: "Everyone's judging 'cause she's always said to be perfect, but I think she was just trying to hide her past."

And some of us think the storyline could've been handled a little bit better:

JenniferHannah2: "I wish there would have been more [of] this season [spent on] foreshadowing Quinn's past so my reaction could have been less 'WTF? When did that happen?' and more 'Wow! That fits perfectly!'"

Dave Karofsky and His Homosexuality

Of course, the other major storyline on "Born This Way" surrounded Karofsky and how he deals with his being a closet gay. Kurt's return to McKinley High would inevitably start that -- but who would've thought that the whole thing would involve Santana being some sort of benevolent bitch? In paper, it all works out fine: both Karofsky and Santana get to cover up their real orientation, Kurt returns to New Directions, and as an added bonus, no more bullies!

But the fact still remains: Both of them aren't willing to admit anything. Santana may have worn the "Lebanese" shirt Brittany made her, but she isn't willing to address that yet. As for Karofsky, well, he's still on the defensive, but he's definitely sincere with his apology to Kurt, and his efforts to be just a bit more tolerant. But what did you think? is he a changed jock?

Glee101: "I think he has not changed, but it's bound to happen in the next couple of episodes as they go in depth with his gayness."

Chelsey Flax, via Facebook: "I think he's scared that if his secret is out, what he did to Kurt will happen to him. He might have changed now 'cause now he kind of understands how his tormenting might have made Kurt feel."

JohnnyAKA: "Karofsky is just being blackmailed into action for now. We will have to see where his true interests lie."

@AdamPascalFan: "Not until he doesn't have to [be] blackmailed into acting appropriately."

Ashley Nicole Collins, via Facebook: "Who wants to see Kurt with that bully Karofsky after all that's happened? Say what you want, [but] I don't buy his truce at all. Something is up with it!"

On the other side of the story is Kurt, who leaves Dalton -- and, at least on weekdays, Blaine -- for McKinley High. The pair's relationship has gone quite well especially since the breakthrough before Regionals, but can they make it work with this long distance relationship?

Issanika: "That's not a long distance relationship. They're just going to different schools. Maybe it's even better. There must be time for thinking and missing another. They'll have plenty of time to spend together."

@Samantha_Henry: "I hope so, otherwise there'll be no more Blaine and that would be a bad thing!"

Auguste Lykes, via Facebook: "Who else could they go after?"

Crystal Valerie Hong, via Facebook: "There's no one else to date, and Blaine is moving to [McKinley] next season anyway. Come on, he is going to be promoted to [series] regular!"

Next Week's Talking Points

Glee is back tonight with "Rumours", which features the return of Kristin Chenoweth as April Rhodes. And she's wooing Schue again! And Sue's spreading rumors! And Brittany will have a pretty big accident! And all the Fleetwood Mac songs, oh my! But what's caught our attention is that bit in the previews for tonight's ep, when Rachel and Finn are having a stake-out at a motel room, where they spot Kurt and Sam together. "I can't believe he's doing this to Blaine!" Finn says. But what do you think is exactly happening?

@Rebecca9887: "I think Kurt and Sam are working on a duet, not going on a date."

Caroline Ramos, via Facebook: "Kurt is helping Sam through whatever family drama he's going through."

Danielle Esposito, via Facebook: "Finn's not the best with figuring stuff out. I mean, he thought he impregnated Quinn via hot tub. No offense, but I wouldn't count him as a reliable source."

@twelton_: "Is Sam gay?"

I don't know! But we can find out together, by following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook, where we'll talk about Glee pretty much all day. Until tonight, gleeks!

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