Gleeks React: Glee's Original Songs and the Bisexuality Debate
Gleeks React: Glee's Original Songs and the Bisexuality Debate
Prepare the pom-poms and the confetti cannons: It's another week's worth of Glee talk.

Last week's episode got a mixed reaction from you guys. The same goes for the original songs the show will perform in two weeks' time. That said, a bunch of different viewpoints always goes a long way, especially for an episode that tackled drinking, sexuality and adults being so disconnected from the kids.

Were The Glee Writers Drunk While Writing "Blame It On The Alcohol"?

If you've been reading our take on last week's Glee, you would've seen one message: it was bad. Jen Harper was frustrated with the writing, John Kubicek wondered whether Blaine's am-I-bi? storyline was handled well, and yours truly just thought the episode was an empty void. Cue a boatload of reactions from the gleek population.

First, your thoughts on "Blame It On The Alcohol," beginning with the folks who, like us, are getting even more frustrated with Glee -- and that's considering how good "Silly Love Songs" was.

BrendanMoore2: "I can't just believe that the entire glee club would spontaneously start having a collective drinking problem ... Frankly, I found the zombie episode of Community more believable, and that was one messed-up episode for sure."

NeonGlo: "For some reason the writers have stopped even attempting to deal with issues in ... a realistic way. Maybe they are getting pressure from the suits to skew the stories to kid viewers rather than older teens and adults. Kids are probably the ones buying all the Glee recordings, right?"

dman747707: "My main problem with Glee this season is that, episode to episode, plot lines don't work for an hour-long drama or comedy. There has really been no continuous plot this season for us to at all care about!"

mennta: "Blaine's messed up character is only one of the many messed up plot lines Glee brought us not only in season 2, but in the second half of season 1. I can try and list them, but I can't even remember them all. I don't know what happened to this show."

Fabrevans: "The failure of season 2 lies squarely at the [feet] of the writers. There's absolutely no consistency, no coherence and no logic behind what's happened thus far. The only character that has an overarching plot is Kurt, who quite frankly, I'm beginning to despise ... Honestly, at the rate Glee's going, Fox will cancel the show."

Of course, some of you pointed out why you'll still stick with Glee -- and where complainers like us are getting wrong.

Winee: "I gave up on the actual Glee storyline way back. However, I loved this ep because of the only thing I loathe about [the show]: the music."

run2me: "I think you should have someone that enjoyed Glee write this [recap]. You have to take it for what it is. Everything is over the top with this show. So what? The show is written for young teens."

BethWilkins2: "I try not to analyze. Just enjoy!"

Now, in defense of the frustrated gleeks, let's try remembering why Glee was so good in the first season: It got the balance right. It was both camp and surreal, over-the-top and subtle, ridiculous and heartwarming. This season has been all over the place -- and trust me, I've been trying to enjoy the episodes, and to some extent I do, but you don't want to devote an hour of your life to something, only to forget it after, right? Cue another debate.

Blaine's Issues and the Bisexuality Debate

The more interesting debate came up when John chimed in with his thoughts on Blaine's bisexual dilemma. The whole thing about kissing Rachel, wondering if he's attracted to girls and kissing her again to prove to himself that he's gay, goes against everything that Glee stood for. "Heterosexuality and homosexuality are identical," he wrote. "Whatever your preference, you know that you have one. To suggest that Blaine needed to kiss Rachel to decide if he's really gay is the same as if Puck needed to kiss a boy to decide whether he's actually straight."

As expected with an extremely sensitive topic, there were a lot of passionate reactions. I'll admit it probably got a little bit out of hand, but I totally see where you're coming from. Oh, and I appreciate that it sparked a discussion on bisexuality -- if that's what Glee planned to do, then congratulations, it worked. The comments:

liv1701: "When you say 'male bisexuality is a myth,' do you mean that guys can't be bisexual but girls can? Or should you have just said bisexuality is a myth? I know firsthand that girls can be bisexual, and I don't see any reason why guys couldn't be."

mel2010: "I agree with you that Glee could have handled this storyline better -- it looked like they were going to and then they ended it very flippantly in my opinion -- but, I'm sorry, who the hell are you to decide whether someone else's feelings or experiences are legitimate or not?"

AnthonyVelez2: "In the subject of male bisexuality being a 'myth,' all I can say is that you're wrong. Period ... Forgive my crudeness but as a bisexual male, attractive women make me 'stand at attention' just as easily as attractive men. Simple, short and sweet. Your biphobic comments are no worse than the worst homophobe out there."

Glee's Original Songs: A Hit and a Miss

The other big story in the Glee-sphere was the announcement that two original songs will be released with the show's fifth compilation album. Both songs -- the bouncy pop ditty "Loser Like Me" and the fairly heartfelt ballad "Get It Right" -- will also debut on the March 15 episode, "Original Song." The songs premiered on Friday, and Meghan Carlson wasn't a fan: "They sound like Kidz Bop meets the High School Musical first draft folder," she wrote, adding that she's probably too old for current pop anyway, and that she enjoys Glee's covers of Broadway and classic rock tunes more. You were also split about it, albeit for different reasons:

ello2ugovna: "It's about time they start writing their own songs, but these are horrid. If I had to pick my favorite, it would definitely be 'Get It Right.'"

LoisHannah2: "While 'Loser Like Me' is clearly not a great song by any means, I feel like it fulfills its purpose ... It's specifically targeted at the [gleeks] who identify with the outcast nature of the show."

charliern9: "['Loser Like Me'] was so anti-climactic and certainly not worthy of being called a Glee anthem. ['Get It Right'] was very pretty and I predict Lea Michele's singing career is going a lot further than Glee."

moshepp: "[The cast] are so talented, but they don't need to sing crap like 'Loser Like Me.'"

JESStheGLEEK: "All in all, great music and lyrics, but are the original tracks right for Glee? I don't think so. It definitely wouldn't be as good."

This Week's Talking Points

No new Glee tonight, as American Idol took over more FOX real estate this week, but that doesn't mean we'll stop talking about the show. Next week's episode, "Sexy," sees Gwyneth Paltrow's return and some sexy time inevitably happening. So, to mark that, we ask: What's the sexiest moment on Glee so far? We've got a discussion going on, and the best of your responses will be in next week's Gleeks React.

Speaking of discussions, there's a lot of gleeky topics on our Glee discussions page, from Sue's issues to Finn and Rachel's relationship. And of course, you can still talk to us on Facebook and Twitter. With that, we'll see you next week!

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