Glee: So When Will Mr. Shue Find Out About Mrs. Shue? (And What Happens Next?)
Glee: So When Will Mr. Shue Find Out About Mrs. Shue? (And What Happens Next?)
There was this little spoilery detail on Glee from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that I so did not expect.

This is how he put it: "There's a crazy-ass rumor going around that Will will discover Terri's faux baby plot, dump her, and then, in a moment of passion, get her pregnant for real!  The really crazy-ass part?  Sources confirm that more than half of the rumor is true!"

So more than half the rumor is true, huh?  Unlike Puck, I attended math class (but forgot half of it anyway) but I remember permutations and all that statistics stuff.  So we have the parts: Will discovers the fakery, Will dumps her, and that moment of passion, which should result in an actual pregnancy.  I shall shuffle them all together and present to you the probabilities.

Will discovers Terri's fakery and dumps her.  Plausible, actually.  I think this is the ending that most of gleekdom wants to see.  And then Will goes to Emma and his heart gets broken and...

Will discovers Terri's fakery, they argue, and then that moment of passion.  It sucks to see Will not have a backbone, especially after he finds out.  So, nah, scratch this.

Will discovers Terri's fakery, dumps her, and then that moment of passion.  No, this is much worse than option number two!

Will and Terri have that moment of passion, and she gets pregnant for real.  Which would be funny, because Terri is becoming obviously "pregnant" as episodes pass by, and you know how things go.  But it'd be hell awkward, right?  Terri pretending to be, say, five months pregnant, and then getting actually pregnant.  She'd have a lot of explaining to do.

And then I'll complicate things by floating another possibility: someone else gets pregnant.  Oh yes, I am thinking of Emma, and Will finding out about Terri, and going to her, and all defenses crumbling, and... what?  They are just probabilities, after all.  You, what do you think?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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