'Glee' Sneak Peek: The Kids Tackle Avril Lavigne (And A Possible Tour)
'Glee' Sneak Peek: The Kids Tackle Avril Lavigne (And A Possible Tour)
Looks like Quinn will never be comfortable this week.

I posted a video from Glee a few days back--of Rachel and Finn singing Jordin Sparks' "No Air".  You surely must've noticed that Quinn looks pretty squirmish seeing her boyfriend sing with the girl who likes him.  (And, of course, the boyfriend likes her, too.  It's complicated, as social networking sites go.)

This time, the folks at Entertainment Weekly have posted another video from Wednesday night's episode, this time of the whole of New Directions singing Avril Lavigne's "Keep Holding On".  And, by the looks of it, this week is going to be a really tumultuous week for Finn, Quinn and Rachel.  This very performance is a metaphor for what we might expect next week, I guess.  Never mind Sue and Will's clashing.  Never mind that Will and Emma thing.

A couple more things before the video: there are reports that the Glee cast is going on tour next year.  Although nothing is finalized yet, series creator Ryan Murphy told EW that a tour might happen next spring, when shooting for this season wraps up.

Also, there are reports that NBC has asked the organizers of Macy's annual thanksgiving parade to pull out an offer for the cast of Glee to appear in the annual event.  No official comment, as expected, although a source said there were concerns that the whole cast appearing on another network's event would pretty much amount to outright promotion.

Now that's done, the video.  Gleeks on the steady?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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