'Glee': Santana and Brittany Set To Become Regulars
'Glee': Santana and Brittany Set To Become Regulars
Can I hear a big "oh yeah!" gleeks?

Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reports that Naya Rivera and Heather Morris--you might know them as Santana and Brittany, those two "dating" Cheerios--will be promoted to series regulars when Glee kicks off its second season this fall.

A spokesperson for the show declined to comment on the matter, but from where I am, it seems the promotion is very likely. Of course, considering all that Santana and Brittany have done in the past couple of episodes... why not have them on board?

Now, if we can give Harry Shum and Dijon Talton more lines so they can climb up the ladder and become series regulars too...

(Image courtesy of Fox)