'Glee' Roundup: Behind the Scenes Video, Kurt's Boyfriend Confirmed and More
'Glee' Roundup: Behind the Scenes Video, Kurt's Boyfriend Confirmed and More
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We're in the home stretch! Just less than a month until Glee returns for season 2 on September 21. Can't wait until then to know the latest Glee happenings on screen and off? Then read on.

Glee Season 2 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

Before we get to the nitty gritty and downright silly, take some time to watch and smile as all your favorite Gleeks return from summer vacation, get back into character and show some love for each other and the camera in this behind the scenes video of their season 2 shoot.

What do you think of Lea Michele's swanky new 'do? Maybe dating Finn has inspired an "I'm a cool kid now!" makeover ...

Mark Salling's Craft Services Problem Brought to Light!

scaled.jpgMark Salling gave Glee fans a little scare yesterday when he tweeted this altered photo yesterday. Don't worry, ladies. Puck's sexy jawline will be alive and well when Glee returns this September. Apparently he used the app "Fatbooth" to find out what he'd look like if he let himself go.

A Lover's Spat for Mark and Naya?
Not likely, though US Weekly seems to think they have the inside scoop, reporting that a jealous Naya Rivera (Santana) recently egged and keyed Mark's Lexus when she read about the other girls he's been dating. Why don't we believe it? Well, first of all, these two need to work together for the foreseeable future, so we hope Naya's be smarter than to resort to illegal vandalism to handle a dispute. Secondly, Salling says he doesn't even drive a Lexus.

Another Reason for Gleeks to Watch the Emmys
Beyond Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele and the show's nominations, here's another reason Gleeks should tune in to the Emmys this Sunday: Host Jimmy Fallon doesn't want to "give anything away," but he admits he's a huge Gleek, seeming to hint that a Glee-themed musical number is in the works for the show. But who didn't see that coming? Fallon is known for his musical talents, and he already got some practice spoofing Glee on Late Night this season. Why not take a moment and refresh your memory?

Jane Lynch Spills the Boyfriend Beans
As though you hadn't guessed already, new cast member Chord Overstreet, whom we've learned will join the football team and become Finn's on-field rival, will also be Kurt's new flame. We weren't 100% that Chord's character Sam Evans and Kurt's boyfriend were be one and the same until Jane Lynch told reporters that the boyfriend was already cast, and was "tall, boyish with straight blond hair and big fat, pouty lips." That sounds like Chord, alright. Way to go, Kurt!

We Didn't Start the Fire ...
Billy Joel says he's released his entire catalog to Glee, and would be happy to see more of his songs appear on the show. (Neil Patrick Harris sang "Piano Man" last season.) So if Ryan Murphy is ready to take our good advice and write a Joel tribute episode, he's got the green light. But don't expect Billy to make a cameo: "I'm just not a big TV actor type of guy. I'm a piano player," he said about a possible appearance. This is good news, regardless. I can already picture Puck belting out "Only the Good Die Young." (Which means he'll live for a long, long time.)

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