'Glee' Recap: The Lights Go Out and Things Get Dark
'Glee' Recap: The Lights Go Out and Things Get Dark
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Do you like Glee, but wish the show had more traumatic stories about child molestation? Well you're in luck, because this episode is full of them!

Sorry if my mockery is insensitive, but I've put up with teen suicide, domestic violence and guns in schools, and now Glee wants to include child molestation? When did this show become Glee: SVU?

In other random news, the power goes out for several days at McKinley, Sue returns and, in New York City, Sarah Jessica Parker is back to tell Santana something Santana already knows.

The Lights Go Out

Will tells the glee club about the lead singer of the Hoosier Daddies, the amazingly talented Frida Romero (American Idol's Jessica Sanchez), so he wants to go big, with stadium-style performances. Just then, the lights go out.

Principal Figgins uses the generator to access the PA system and reveal that this is just a power outage and classes will continue as normal. First of all, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't. Second, since when is glee club an official class? I thought it was an after-school activity, but apparently they meet and perform multiple times during the actual school day.

I'm also confused because this episode takes place over the course of several days, yet the power was out the whole time. I imagine, if they couldn't get the power back in the school after one day, they'd cancel classes until it was fixed. Whatever, nothing important really happens with this power outage because I'm fairly certain New Directions won't be singing a cappella at Regionals.

Ryder's Big Secret

Ryder is worried because he told Katie something personal, and now he fears it will get out. So he decides to come clean to the glee club.

He was molested as a child. Yikes.

Well, when he was 11 his 17-year-old female babysitter touched him, which Sam and Artie think is totally awesome. At least the girl is in jail because she was caught doing it to other boys.

If this isn't dark and messed up enough for you, Kitty invites Ryder out on a date a few days later (when the power is still out), reveals that she and Puck broke up, then announces that she too was molested as a kid. Double yikes.

When she was at a sleepover in the sixth grade, her friend's older brother snuck into her sleeping bed and touched her. OK, that's horrible, but it doesn't excuse turning Marley into a bulimic. I also can't decide if this story helps to explain or completely contradicts Kitty's relationship with another "older brother," Puck.

This brings Ryder and Kitty closer together, but he doesn't want to date her because he's still into Katie. Yes, the catfisher who he's still chatting with online and who denies being in the choir room during the gunshots. This storyline has been building up so much that it's inevitably going to be a huge letdown if/when Katie's identity is finally revealed.

The Return of Sue

Blaine tracks Sue down at her new job as a personal trainer (in a scene that is virtually pornographic) and asks her to come back, because Coach Roz Washington is driving the Cheerios crazy. I'm also fairly certain Blaine was checking out some hot dude's butt during the workout.

Sue shows up in the bleachers and Becky begs her to come back, but Sue decides against it. Then we see Becky get sent to Principal Figgins' office to tell him something, though we don't learn if she actually confesses to being the accidental shooter.

Oh, and remember that scene of Sam and Blaine interrogating Becky about the shooting? The one in the promo from last week and that FOX posted a photo of? I guess it's on the cutting room floor, because it doesn't happen. Seriously, how embarrassing is it that they're using deleted scenes in the promos?

The New York City Ballet Gala

Kurt and Rachel hold an intervention for Santana because they think she needs a plan for her future. She's pretty fine go-go dancing and being a bouncer at a lesbian bar while she waits to be inspired, which sounds like a good way for her to earn money, unlike spoiled brats Kurt and Rachel, who have everything handed to them on a silver platter.

Elsewhere, Kurt is still interning for Sarah Jessica Parker's Isabelle Wright at Vogue.com, because it's totally OK for him to be a full-time student at NYADA and come into Vogue whenever he finds the time. Because that's how the real world works. I wish Anna Wintour would show up and slap Isabelle back to the Midwest where she belongs, because there's no way such a cockeyed optimist would last two weeks in New York City.

Isabelle asks Kurt to plan the big ballet gala, and he enlists Rachel and Santana to help. This leads to a painfully long and boring Broadway performance of a song from A Chorus Line by Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Isabelle. I don't care if they're good singers, the whole fantasy sequence put me to sleep. Then I woke up halfway through and fell asleep again.

The moral of the story seems to be that Santana was right all along and that she doesn't need to know what she wants to do, she can just take baby steps to try and figure out what her dream is and how she can achieve it. As such, she takes a ballet extension class at NYADA.

Next week on Glee: It's Stevie Wonder week, and some large black woman and a hot Asian guy who's good at dancing are there. Wait, I think I remember them. Mercury and Mark Ching, right?

Anyway, Kate Hudson returns to torment Rachel and Blaine asks Kurt's dad for permission to marry him. Even though he was just checking out another dude and Kurt is presumably still dating Adam. But the Glee writers are clearly Mark Twain fans, because they never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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