'Glee' Recap: 'Original Song' Is Music to Gleeks' Ears
'Glee' Recap: 'Original Song' Is Music to Gleeks' Ears
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Glee writers. Glee just gave us, the fans, a big comforting hug in the form of tonight's "Original Song," reminding us what made us love the show in the first place. I was worried that last week's return to season 1 form may have just been a fluke, but after two good episodes in a row, my hopes are definitely up. And, seeing as the show's taking a little hiatus till April, the reassurance couldn't have come at a better time. 

Now let's get to Glee-capping ...

Blaine and the Pips/Lips

Finally, someone -- Kurt -- stepped up and acknowledged to Blaine's face that the Dalton Academy Warblers are pretty much just the Blaine Show, which makes our second-fave Glee gay (Kurt's first, for me anyway) ponder. 

But then sweet Kurt is met with some bad news of his own. His Warblers-gifted bird, Pavarotti, died -- Kurt suspects a stroke -- inspiring him to do some warbling of his own to the tune of The Beatles "Blackbird." But he may as well have been singing "I Can See Clearly Now," because seeing Kurt sing his emotional rendition of the tune suddenly clears the fog from Blaine's brain and allows him to see Kurt for the first time.

Blaine brings his concerns about the Warblers being all about him to the council and suggests a duet for regionals -- and picks Kurt as his partner, which we later find out is just so they can spend more time together ... doing ... THIS!

Ah! The kiss! The kiss! The long-awaited kiss! Suddenly, I'm back in shipping mode for Kurt and Blaine. Love this scene and how it didn't feel forced or artificial.


I think Quinn really wants me to hate her. Or rather the writers do. She's suddenly obsessed with being "back on top" and thinks the way to do that is to be voted prom queen with Finn as her king. And, of course, the way to do that is to manipulate and exploit Rachel, for whom I'm suddenly feeling a great deal of sympathy.

To instigate her evil plot, she takes Rachel's side in voting for New Directions to do original songs at regionals -- about which I personally have serious reservations. She also convinces Finn that they shouldn't wait until after nationals to unveil their relationship -- he was worried about hurting Rachel, who ends up asking Quinn point-blank if she and Finn are an item (another thank you to the writers for all the Glee meta references in this episode and poking fun at itself: "You gave your baby to my mom ... we kind of bonded over it."). 

And in one of the best, most poignant scenes I've seen this season on Glee, Rachel tells Quinn she can't rewrite history and essentially undo last year, and a tearful Quinn tells Rachel that she doesn't belong in this scenario and paints a picture of what her life will be like with Finn, happily ever after with the two of them starting a family -- obviously trying to convince herself as much as Rachel.

We also got the answer to last week's looming question of where Santana will go from here now that she's been turned down by Brittany. Well, we sort of got an answer. She says she didn't know what she was thinking when she confessed her feelings for Brittany and is now going to write an awesome heterosexual song with Sam. Hmm, I smell copout. Or is it just being realistic? 


Thank you, Glee casting peeps for the wonder that is this year's judging panel at regionals (even though we don't get to spend a ton of time with them): the amazing and hilarious Kathy Griffin as a Tea Partier and avid tweeter, Loretta Devine as a stripper-turned-nun -- and our old standby, newscaster Rod Remington. It's these subtly done, brief guest cameos that I think Glee does so well when it gives itself the chance.  

Sue's group comes on, looks fab and sings about Jesus in hopes of pandering to the judges. And then we get the loveliness that is Kurt and Blaine and the upbeat energy of the Warblers. And then, Rachel -- of all people -- totally wins me over on the concept of the original songs. I had already heard the songs before the episode and sort of blew them off. But I seriously got goose bumps listening to Rachel sing and watching Finn have his little breakthrough about her from backstage. And with the group original number -- again, I was totally sold! Especially with the well-placed meta references like the Glee fingers and slushees.  

GleeHands.JPGNow though, was I the only one shocked -- like mouth-agape shocked -- that the writers actually let New Directions win? Like not a tie, but straight-up win?? Don't get me wrong; I was happy about it but surprised nonetheless.      

And then, Glee made me do something I haven't done during a Glee episode since -- well, since last week, but before that it had been a long while -- I teared up. Rachel's speech at the end after being awarded MVP of regionals by her team -- tear! I can't believe I actually am liking Rachel now -- and seriously loathing Quinn. 

We're on a break from Glee till April, but when we come back, it looks like we'll be greeted with more Holly Holiday and a dash of Terri (speaking of loathing ...).

And now, onto ...

The Music

Glee-Warblers-regionals.jpgMaroon 5's "Misery" sung by Blaine and the Warblers

Upbeat way to open the show -- and with having to pack in so many songs tonight, there wasn't much time to squeeze in an intro -- but a little weird for me. I can't quite put my finger on it. The Warblers have definitely improved on their dance moves, though.

"Only Child" sung by Rachel

This was one of a handful of faux-riginal songs the glee kids came up with, but I still feel compelled to include them, as the lyrics are pretty brilliant ("the only Berry on my family tree") and Rachel's voice still impeccable -- whether she's singing about eggs or headbands.

The Beatles' "Blackbird" sung by Kurt

I am not a Beatles fan, but I loved Kurt's rendition of the song. His vulnerability is just so striking.

"Trouty Mouth" sung by Santana

Of the faux-riginal songs, I'd have to say this one had the best concept/title. And that's about it.

"Big-Ass Heart" sung by Puck

Best of the faux-riginal songs for me. Give me Puck and guitar, and I'm happy.

"Hell to the No" sung by Mercedes and the glee club girls

I just realized during this song that we haven't gotten to see a lot of Mercedes this season. I've missed her! And that voice! And those harmonies with the other gals! And Mercedes rapping!

Sonseed's "Jesus Is My Friend" sung by Aural Intensity

Um, I'll say cute rendition and nice outfits.

Hey Monday's "Candles" sung by Kurt and Blaine

Goose bumps! I love these two together. Perfect song choice.

Pink's "Raise Your Glass" sung by the Warblers

And now back to the Blaine show. Awesome follow-up to "Candles," though. Great energy and nice arrangement.

"Get It Right" sung by Rachel

Again, goose bumps! Despite it sounding like an American Idol finale song.

"Loser Like Me" sung by New Directions

This one totally made me smile. And seeing it in the context of the episode made me totally take back my original judgment of it.

More "Original Song"

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