'Glee' Recap: Blaine is the Puppet Master
'Glee' Recap: Blaine is the Puppet Master
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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If this Glee episode "Puppet Master" is Thanksgiving dinner, it's the side dish that no one touches for whatever reason: burnt, not cooked enough -- basically, forgettable.

It would've been more entertaining if the entire episode was puppets. But instead, a gas leak in the choir room leads to crazy fantasies for those who sit near the vent.

Into the Groove

It's Pamela Lansbury's big gig, which Kurt books at the NYADA piano bar. But no one's as excited as he is because it's a Broadway bar -- not a spot where bands get discovered. But Kurt's enthusiasm cannot be broken.

Unfortunately, when they show up to the venue, there is one person in the audience. Fortunately for the band, however, a ton of (unreal) luck is on their side. The lone audience member makes Pamela Lansbury's performance go viral, his nephew is connected to a hip bar and just like that they might have their first real gig.

After the teaser that the band booked a gig, it's a bit of a letdown their only performance is just a fantasy -- and the New York kids get about two scenes in the whole episode.

You're My Best Friend

With nationals coming up, the glee club really needs a leader who's going to take them there. It should be Blaine, but he's more of a dictator than a leader. It rubs everyone the wrong way, and he's kind of being ostracized. When he calls Kurt for some advice, Kurt calls Blaine a "puppet master," someone pulling all the strings and wanting everyone to do what he wants.

This touches Blaine in a way that turns into fantasy, where everyone turns into puppets. It also leads to him creating an actual puppet of Kurt, who does what he says. (Side note: Who knew McKinley has a craft club, and that Blaine is in it? But then again, he's in what, 23 school clubs, apparently?) The best part of Blaine's fantasy is when Brad, the piano player, speaks!

Blaine carries the Kurt-pet with him around the halls of McKinley, talking to him and looking crazy. When Sue takes it away, Blaine just ends up making one of Tina, which leads to a mildly amusing encounter when she walks in on him talking to the puppet.

Cheek to Cheek

Sue can't have her students talking to inanimate objects because she's being evaluated by the school board as to whether she's fit to be McKinley's permanent principal. She's also digging the superintendent, but then he calls her -- to her face -- a dude.

In her attempt to be more feminine, she turns to Will and then has her own-gas induced flashback where the two of them are dancing. We also find out via a flashback how Sue came to be the tracksuit-wearing Sue she is today: On her first day at McKinley, she had long curly locks and dressed, well, like a woman -- complete with heels, skirt and cardigan. But Principal Figgins barks at her to wear some pants and she goes in the bathroom, cuts her hair and puts on her first tracksuit. That's it, nothing too exciting.

Sue practices walking through the school in heels, which is pretty funny. By the time the school board members come to evaluate her, she's put on those heels, skirt, did her hair and everything -- but when she asks the superintendent out, everyone is shocked that she would cross a line.


Jake has his own gas fantasy, where he's Janet Jackson and showing off his smooth moves. Apparently he hasn't just been getting down with Bree, but with all of the Cheerios. Bree, for the first time showing a different side of her, calls Jake out to his face, calling him toxic with the way he reacts from her pregnancy scare. It's a dumb plot, but maybe this will open his eyes to wanting to be a better person? I don't know. 

He begs Marley to take him back, it doesn't work, so ... now what? I don't know where Jake is going in terms of his future. Is he going to stay the bad boy or turn good? Will his brother knock some sense into him?

The Fox

Blaine gets caught breaking into Sue's drawer to get his Kurt-pet, and then gets detention. It leads him to miss Kurt's gig, which is a good thing since no one showed up. To apologize, he sends over puppets of the New York gang.

To make it up to his McKinley pals, he also makes a puppet for all of them, of themselves. When, exactly, did he have time to do all this? Doesn't matter because they've all broken out into "The Fox," and while this song is beyond annoying, the performance is fun to watch with their animal noses and puppets.

Next week is the holiday-themed episode, which also happens to be the fall finale. That's right, Glee will taking a long hiatus -- until the end of February. Since nothing much has been happening at McKinley besides the Jake/Marley storyline, the second half of the season should be a lot more memorable compared with everything that's been happening since the Finn tribute.

Glee will air its fall finale Thursday at 9pm on FOX.

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