'Glee' Recap: A Whoops-A-Daisy Witnessed by Whoopi
'Glee' Recap: A Whoops-A-Daisy Witnessed by Whoopi
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Everything that Rachel's been working towards for years comes to a head tonight as she and Kurt audition for NYADA. One McKinley High student may not be able to graduate if he fails a class ... and no, I'm not talking about Brittany. And the topic of domestic violence comes to the forefront as the message of the week.

Who Could Be Scared of Whoopi?

Rachel amps up the OCD in her preparations for her audition, including not drinking milk, not touching doorknobs and no kisses. Meanwhile, Kurt is doubting every choice he makes in his own prep sessions, from the song choice to the props on stage. One song he's considering is "Music of the Night," from Phantom of the Opera. I love seeing Kurt all decked out in the Phantom garb, mask included. Bravo, Kurt, Bravo!

When he discovers who'll be overseeing the auditions, Carmen Tibideaux (Dean of Vocal Performance at NYADA), Kurt freaks out. But the show must go on. And go on it does, as this fear forces him to take a risk and he switches out his song while on stage to "Not the Boy Next Door" from The Boy from Oz. Whoopi -- er, I mean Carmen -- has a poker face during the entire performance. Afterwards, though, she tells Kurt that she was impressed and has to applaud him for making such a bold choice and taking a risk.

On the flip side, though, Rachel's audition doesn't go smoothly. She performs "Don't Rain on My Parade," a song that she's performed her whole life and that we first saw her cover back in season 1. But barely any time has passed when she forgets the words and directs the band to start over. But the same thing happens. She wants to go again for a third time (because third time's the charm, right?), but Whoopi knows a big whoops when she sees one and says, "This audition is over." Even though the promos revealed that she would choke, I still covered my mouth in shock when this happened, because I in no way believed she would forget the words. Poor Rachel, and I really mean that.

Now that Kurt and Rachel have auditioned, what happens now with Whoopi? She has a three episode arc. Maybe there will be personal interviews with the students? And on her third and final episode, maybe she'll go soft and allow Rachel a redo. We can always hope, right? I have to say, I love Whoopi Goldberg; whether it's on The View or in Sister Act, she's one of the best out there. And I'm excited to see what else she'll bring to the character and the show.

School's Out ... But Not for You!

The NYADA auditions are critical for Kurt and Rachel. But Puck's also got some problems that'll affect his future as well. He'll pass most of his classes, but he won't graduate unless he passes a geography class. He tries to seduce the teacher, but she doesn't fall for it. He says he's outta there, which transitions into "School's Out," where he eventually makes his way out to the football field via motorcycle. (Well, Puck sure knows how to make an exit.)

Puck's dad shows up after a five year absence, needing money for rent. Unfortunately, Puck does give up $500, which is most of his seed money for LA. Now that his dream of expanding the pool cleaning business may be over for now, he realizes that he'll have to stay in school and pass that class. So he enlists the help of the Glee boys for study sessions. As part of that prep, they sing "The Rain in Spain," which helps Puck remember some of the questions on the exam. This whole performance is kinda cheesy and hokey, to be honest. But at least it helped him answer the questions pertaining to that song.

We Now Present Glee's After-School Special Message of the Week...

Over the past few years, Glee hasn't been shy about bring up serious issues and topics. And domestic violence sure is a serious one, all right. And Glee sometimes turns them into a sort of message of the week, where the dialogue turns into speeches about what are the right things to do. And that's what happens here.

The Glee girls make fun of Coach Beiste's black eye. As a result, their assignment of the week, Sue and Roz tell them, is to sing songs about empowerment. So of course they go and sing "Cell Block Tango," which covers the gamut from shooting and stabbing men. Yes, girls, that is exactly what they wanted you to do. Not.

But the truth does come out. Cooter got angry with Beiste and hit her. He was immediately sorry and begged for her forgiveness. Sue tells her she needs to get out of that house and offers her to stay at her house. She doesn't stay there, but instead at her sister's. And later, Beiste admits to the Glee girls about what really happened to her and says she will be pressing charged. She thanks them: "You may have saved my life."

To apologize and to say how proud they are of Bieste moving out, the girls perform "Shake It Out," which was recently covered on Smash as well. But during the number, we get some shots of Bieste returning to Cooter, and Cooter thanking her for giving him a second chance.

A Downer of An Ending

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. But the weak point was this Beiste/domestic violence storyline. It felt a little forced to me, as if Ryan Murphy and the writers realized that they deserted Beiste and needed to come up with something for her. And since we found out at the end that she returned to Cooter, that turned it into a waste of a storyline, unfortunately. I know that a lot of women do in fact return to their abusive spouses, but I'm disappointed that that's what she did.

The episode ends with Rachel performing an emotional rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Cry." During the song, we're shown what happens with Puck. The teacher hands out the graded exams, and what does Puck receive? An F! Whoh! I honestly did not see that coming; I assumed that the writers would give this storyline a happy ending.

Now, does this mean he won't graduate? It seems like it, but then why would Puck be featured on the cover of Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album in cap and gown? Something's going to happen in the next couple episodes to get him to that point. Otherwise, that cover is wrong.

Next week on Glee, it's time for senior prom! With Brittany in charge ... uh oh. And Sue yells at Finn on the dance floor, about to possibly kick him out. Whoops (I just had to get in one more Whoopi Golderg pun).

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