'Glee' Preview: Home Sweet Home Backfire
'Glee' Preview: Home Sweet Home Backfire
Yes, that's a photo from last week's episode. I'm actually surprised that Fox hasn't released official photos for tonight's Glee, which I (and many other members of the press who've reviewed the episode in advance) think is the series' best episode yet.

That's right, gleeks. The series' best episode yet.

If you've read my recap of last week's Madonna-thon, you would've spotted three clues as to why I think tonight's Glee is really good: Burt Hummel, Carole Hudson and April Rhodes. The first two characters have featured in many of my favorite moments from the show--remember when Kurt came out to his dad, or Finn tells his mom about knocking up Quinn? The third character, well, we just like her a lot. I mean, who doesn't like Kristin Chenoweth?

Tonight's episode sees Kurt pair up his dad with Finn's mom. His intentions are pretty obvious--yes, he likes Finn, or rather, he loves Finn, and he's hatched a pretty smart idea to enable him to move into the Hudson household, or have Finn move into the Hummel household. Bottom line is, these two will spend a lot of time together, and you have one guess on who'll be happy about it.

Yes, Kurt should be happy. Should be, because the plan will, like everything else we've seen on Glee so far, backfire.

Also on tonight's episode, April Rhodes returns to the picture, still singing a duet with Will, being a little too suggestive, and ultimately saving the glee club from trouble. Blame it all on Sue, whose already ill-conceived notions of superiority could screw up New Directions' chances at regionals... or at least, their preparations for the contest.

I bet Sue's lopsided thinking is because of the things she's been doing to make her, and the Cheerios, the best in everything. With Splits magazine calling her "the best cheerleading coach of the past 2,000 years," and an interview imminent, she'll have the Cheerios go on a crazy diet--a really crazy one--so they can look good. That'll ruffle both Kurt and Mercedes' feathers.

Glee returns tonight from 9pm on Fox. And trust me on this one: no amount of describing will, however, bring justice to how good tonight's episode is. Emmy-worthy good, in fact.

(Image courtesy of Fox)