'Glee' Preview: Express Yourself, Only Thrice As Flashy
'Glee' Preview: Express Yourself, Only Thrice As Flashy
I know, I know, tonight's Glee episode is the one where the girls (and Kurt) pay homage to Lady Gaga by wearing her outrageous costumes and singing her songs. So why am I using the title of a Madonna song (and one the cast performed in the Madonna episode) for this preview?

The point of tonight's exercise in theatricality is simple: expression.

So that means the guys also get to express themselves. No, they aren't doing the "male version of Madonna", but they're close: they'll be doing two KISS songs, and if you've spotted the promos, you should see they're also painting their faces in black and white and sticking out their tongues extra far.

But it's not just some lesson in being extra flashy -- which, as we've learned in "Hairography," is something you need especially when you aren't extra good. In usual Glee fashion, this dovetails nicely with some glee kid's personal issues. In this case, it's Tina, who's having problems with being herself -- she is, after all, this Goth kid, and seeing her look like something else has got to be really, really weird.

Maybe it should work for Finn too, who's pretty much against the relationship between his mom and Kurt's dad. Now that they're moving in together, Kurt gets himself a roommate (and something else). Better stick your tongue out extra hard, Finn.

And maybe it should work for Rachel, too. She'll have a life-changing encounter tonight -- and of course it should be the one about Shelby being her biological mom! I mean, they're singing "Poker Face" together. Why else would it be?

Glee returns tonight at 9pm on FOX. Yes, we only have three episodes left this season, but do remember that there's a second season. And a third.

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