'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Reveals Details on Blake Jenner's Role
'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Reveals Details on Blake Jenner's Role
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Glee Project season 2 winner Blake Jenner is guaranteed at least seven episodes on Glee's upcoming fourth season, and thanks to Ryan Murphy's Twitter account, we know exactly when we can expect to see him.

Murphy tweeted that "Blake's character will be in Ohio starting episode 5." The fifth episode of season 4 is tentatively slated for early November as it will be the first episode back after Glee takes a brief hiatus for the World Series.

However, it's somewhat interesting that Murphy said the character will be in Ohio. His response came during a Q&A session on Twitter, but the actual question was about whether Blake would "be a part of New Directions or will he show up in New York?"

The fact that Murphy only specified Ohio instead of McKinley could mean that he'll be a rival student, possibly a Dalton Academy Warbler. It's also possible that I'm reading too much into Murphy's word choice.

In addition to finding out when Blake Jenner will show up, Murphy tweeted Tuesday (before the finale) that the new character will be dating someone. Combined with the knowledge that he's in Ohio, the choices are slim. As I see it, there are five potential love interests for Blake's character.

Tina: Perhaps he will come between Tina and Mike.

Sugar: She's always been eager to find a boyfriend, so maybe the hot new guy will be her prize.

Brittany: If Brittana can't make their relationship work long distance, Brittany could fall back into old habits and start sleeping with men.

Blaine: There's always the chance that Blake's character will be another gay teen, and if the rumors about a potential Klaine break-up are true, maybe Blake is what comes between them. Then again I don't think Ryan Murphy and the Glee writers would want to make Blake a character that the fans would absolutely HATE.

Sebastian: For some reason I think this is my top choice. If Blake does play a Warbler, he could easily be bad boy Sebastian's boyfriend. Maybe he starts out as a bad guy (the Actability music video from The Glee Project proved Blake is good at being scary and evil), but then his parents lose their jobs and he's forced to transfer to McKinley, where Blaine and the New Directions teach him to be a better person.

Those are the only realistic possibilities for who Blake's character could be dating, unless he's hooking up with one of the new female characters.

What do you think of Blake's role on Glee? Are you excited for him to turn up in Ohio in the fifth episode? And who do you think he'll be dating?

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