'Glee' Casts Ricky Martin and Gives Sam a New Sport
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee is going back to its season 2 ways when the show returns in January with celebrity stunt casting and finding new ways to keep Chord Overstreet as naked as possible.

According to TVLIne, former Menudo member Ricky Martin will guest star on the show as a Spanish teacher. I'm pretty sure McKinley already has a Spanish teacher in the form of Will Schuester, but since both he and the show seem to have completely forgotten about that, I guess they need someone new. Martin's guest role also marks the end of Glee's vow to stop big-name celebrity stunt casting following season 2 guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Burnett and John Stamos, among others. At least the show lasted almost half a season on its promise, which is longer than I thought they would.

TVLine also reports that when Sam Evans comes back to McKinley, he'll be joining the synchronized swimming team in episode 10 (the first one back in January). I know my high school didn't have a synchronized swimming team, and I guess the fact that the Olympics don't actually have male synchronized swimming isn't enough to discourage Sam and McKinley. But logic be damned, because the move is obviously an excuse to get Chord Overstreet into a speedo.

Sam will also deal with several new team members and the swimming coach, Roz Washington, all yet to be cast. One of the teammates is described as a "nerdy looking boy," so I fully endorse bringing in Glee Project contestant Cameron Mitchell. Of course he quit the show because he didn't want to kiss on screen, so I doubt he'd be cool with stripping down to a speedo just for TV.

Glee will end its fall run on December 13 with its big Christmas episode, but Martin and the swim team will show up when Glee returns in January 2012.

Source: TVLine
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