'Glee' Behind the Scenes Videos: Rocky Horror Preview, Inside 'Duets'
'Glee' Behind the Scenes Videos: Rocky Horror Preview, Inside 'Duets'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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We have a whole week to wait until the "Rocky Horror Glee Show," but I'm doing my best to bring you all the Glee fun you can handle in the meantime, like How to Dress as Your Favorite Gleek for Halloween and our latest personality quiz, "What Kind of Gleek Are You?"

Adding to the fun today: These new behind-the-scenes videos from next week's and last week's episodes! It's always great to see just how much fun this cast has together. Check 'em out:

Behind the Scenes of "Rocky Horror Glee Show": The jury still seems to be out on whether all the Rocky Horror songs will translate well to the Glee stage (listen!), but can we all agree that Chris Colfer as Riff Raff is pretty spectacular? While he's covering the "horror" aspect ( Colfer: "It looks like I had a really bad weekend with some starlets." Love it.) the other men in the club will be giving us an "abtastic show," according to Matthew Morrison. Can't wait!

Inside the Music - "River Deep, Mountain High":
How did Naya Rivera and Amber Riley pull off the epic Tina Turner duet that so many of us thought should have won the competition? Check out their thoughts on the performance:

The Glee Season 2 Q & A: Watch for Ryan Murphy's hilarious Javier Bardem impression, and his heartwarming message to the cast at the end of the video. Aww!

Behind the Glee - "Duets":
Even more behind the scenes interviews with the cast about last week's episode, "Duets," including what they enjoyed about working with director Eric Stoltz, and how Brittany carried Artie aaall the way over to her bed ...

Can any of the numbers in "Rocky Horror Glee Show" live up to Mercedes' and Santana's "River Deep, Mountain High"? What do you think of Sam's gold short-shorts? Any and all thoughts are welcome in the comments.

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