'Glee' at the Paley Fest: Extra Tour Dates, Lady Gaga and Puck's Disappearing Mohawk
'Glee' at the Paley Fest: Extra Tour Dates, Lady Gaga and Puck's Disappearing Mohawk
You might've all heard that the folks from Glee had their own panel at the Paley Festival over the weekend. You might've heard of all the juicy details that came out of it--and maybe a few others. Well, in case you missed them (and how could you?) here's what's been revealed--and my two cents, too. Because I'd be glad to spend the remaining month waiting for new episodes speculating.

First off, extra tour dates! Glee creator Ryan Murphy said that they plan to add more dates to the Glee spring tour, which apparently sold out within seconds. Well, here are the new dates:

May 22: Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles (3pm/8pm show added)
May 29: Radio City Music Hall, New York (3pm show added)
May 30: Radio City Music Hall, New York (8pm show added)

Puck wandering around... well, duh, this is a given. Murphy said they'll bring back the Rachel-Puck pair-up (that'd be in "Bad Reputation") although he's still a bad boy, so we should expect him to have "an affair with almost every girl on the show." Ulk, I thought of Terri first. Oh, speaking of the Mohawk, he'll be letting that go for one day, and he might keep it.

Sue gets a makeover? That's how the Madonna episode, "The Power of Madonna", kicks off. Glee club's resident fashionistas Mercedes and Kurt will give the Cheerios head a new look (and a chance to sing "Vogue").

Also on the list: Lady Gaga. "We reached out to her and she said, 'Yes. I love the show,'" Murphy said, of the Gaga cover they'll be doing in a future episode. Just don't tell me they'll do it in Gaga-esque costumes...

April Rhodes returns on episode sixteen! It's probably something you already knew after digging up IMDB (like I did), but just in case you haven't, Kristin Chenoweth returns three episodes into the new batch (that'd be the one called "Home"). And speaking of guests, Neil Patrick Harris will sing two songs with Matthew Morrison: Aerosmith's "Dream On" (previously reported by Entertainment Weekly) and an unidentified Billy Joel song.

Terri gets an episode all her own. We'll see why Terri's acting this certain way, paranoid of Will leaving her and all. I smell a flashback to high school! Another episode will see Kurt hatch a plot to get closer to Finn... but hooking up his dad to Finn's mom. And they will reciprocate.

And finally, the April 13 return episode, "Hello". Do you remember the new Glee promo a couple of weeks back? The clips come from there. Brittany and Santana are tasked to seduce Finn, Rachel gets closer to Jesse (that'd be Jonathan Groff's character) by singing a Lionel Richie song... and the songs have lots of "hello" in them, including the Beatles' "Hello Goodbye" and the Doors' "Hello I Love You". Oh, and we'll also see Idina Menzel on this episode.

Okay, gleeks, start bouncing on these facts now.

(Image courtesy of Fox)