Did Cassandra and Brody Hook Up? 5 'Glee' Questions from 'Britney 2.0'
Did Cassandra and Brody Hook Up? 5 'Glee' Questions from 'Britney 2.0'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The second Britney Spears tribute episode of Glee was pretty darn entertaining, highlight Britney's trainwreck period to hilarious results. But it did leave me with a few questions. Which girl is Sam going to hook up with? Why did Puck come back? And most importantly, do Rachel's dance teacher and her new beau have a romantic history?

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Here are my top five questions from Glee's "Britney 2.0."

Did Cassandra and Brody Hook Up?

I might be reading too much into things, but I'm definitely picking up on a vibe that Rachel's dance teacher Cassandra July may have had an inappropriate relationship with student Brody Weston. Between his warnings to Rachel about her and his willingness to upset her by showing up, Brody and Cassandra clearly have some type of history. The most telling moment was this rather pointed line from "Britney 2.0":

"You just love helping people, don't you? Especially the ingenues."

Kate Hudson delivered that line with so much conviction that it has to be a secret hint that Cassandra and Brody had a fling, right? It would definitely add some more spice into this storyline, especially since Rachel and Cassandra seem to be getting along right now.

Who Will Sam Hook Up With?

It seems that Sam has chemistry with everyone. First he gave a pep talk to Marley in the season 4 premiere and sparks seemed to be flying. Then he cheered up Brittany in the auditorium and it definitely seemed like the two dumb blondes were about to kiss. He was also fantastic in his performance of "3" with Tina. I could easily see Sam getting busy with any one of those ladies, I just hope it happens soon.

Why Is Jake with Kitty?

I wish I had an answer to this question. The absolute worst plot twist of "Britney 2.0" was the sudden and random revelation that Jake is now dating bitchy Cheerio Kitty. Why? There was never any indication that these two were even remotely close to each other. She's awful and he seems to be a gentle soul who started to have feelings for Marley. Jake can't have been with Kitty for too long (he's a womanizer, after all), so why didn't he just break up with her since they've probably only been on one or two dates and start dating Marley?

It's one of those painfully stupid plot devices that the writers throw in just to cause a hurdle to a potential romance, even if it makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Why Did Puck Fly Back?

Here's what I think happened off screen. First, Mr. Schuester calls up Puck in Los Angeles.

Will:  "So there's this troubled kid in school and it turns out he's your half-brother because your dad is a man whore. Will you please fly back, even though you don't have a whole lot of money, to convince him to join New Directions?"

Puck: "Sure, I've got nothing better to do with my time, and it's not like having my former teacher call me to say that I have a half-brother is strange at all. But I ONLY want to talk to Jake, so make sure none of the other kids are around because I don't want to talk to them for some reason."

So Puck flies to Ohio, comes to school, talks to Jake for two minutes, then heads back to the airport to fly back to Los Angeles. As dumb as that was, it's probably the best possible explanation for what actually happened.

How Draconian Is the National Show Choir Board of Review?

After the lip syncing debacle, Will furiously announced that if the National Show Choir Board of Review found out, New Directions could be banned from competing. I get that the show wanted to raise the stakes of the drama, but can they really ban a group for lip syncing during a school pep rally? That would be like Major League Baseball banning a player because he used an aluminum bat in a charity game. I don't expect everything on Glee to make total sense, but I do expect the show to have the barest modicum of human logic, which was obviously lacking with this scene.

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