5 Things I Loved About the 'Glee' Season 2 Finale: 'My Cup,' Samcedes and More
5 Things I Loved About the 'Glee' Season 2 Finale: 'My Cup,' Samcedes and More
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As someone who's been hard on Glee for the majority of season 2, I actually found a lot to love in the season finale, "New York." It was a fun, light-hearted romp through the Big Apple with a positive and uplifting message that wasn't overly preachy. In many ways, it was the total opposite of the entire second half of the season.

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So despite the fact that there were some obvious plot holes in the episode (what happened to Quinn's big evil plans?), I'd certainly label it as one of the best episodes of season 2.

Because I genuinely loved it, however, I'm instituting a new feature for my "5 Things I Loved," and it's called: 3 Things That Annoyed Me About Rachel Berry.

-She bought tickets to Cats: Seriously? Rachel is allegedly a Broadway lover, yet she didn't know Cats was closed? It was a funny joke, but it came at the expense of the character's integrity.

-Her big secret: While having breakfast at Tiffanys, Rachel told Kurt her big secret, that she's moving to New York after graduation and never coming back. I think she's confusing the word "secret" with the term "something everyone knows because she's spent every waking minute telling every single person she's leaving for New York since the moment she could talk."

-Getting back with Finn: I'm fine with Finchel, but only if they actually deal with their problems. The big issue in the finale was that Finn is just a small town boy and Rachel is a city girl, so it won't work, but instead of dealing with that, Finn convinces her to ignore the problem for another year, get even closer to him emotionally and then, next year when they actually DO have the talk, it'll be even harder. For a girl who supposedly plans everything and has big life dreams, I doubt she'd be so willing to leave this unresolved.

OK, enough of my hater-ade, now it's on to what I loved about the Glee season finale.

"My Cup"

I've been humming this cute little ditty all day long ("more of a friend than a silly pup") and once again, the fake, silly original song proves more entertaining than the real ones.


Huzzah for the unlikely romance of Sam and Mercedes. Not only are they two of my favorite characters, but they're two of the most underused stars, both vocally and story-wise, so maybe hooking them up will allow both of them to get involved in more of the story. At the very least I hope this isn't just a summer fling and Glee lets Sam have a girlfriend for more than just two or three episodes.

Not Winning

The kids and Will were all way too confident with their chances of winning Nationals despite writing a pair of songs at the very last minute, so I was happy that the show didn't reward their procrastination. Instead, the message was much more upbeat, that winning isn't everything and it's all about getting to do something you love with people you love. See Glee, you can deliver positive messages without getting on top of a soapbox.

The Bad Kiss

I'm glad Finn finally manned up and did something, but I'm also glad that both Jesse and Blaine pointed out how unprofessional it was to kiss Rachel on stage. It may have been a romantic moment for the two of them, but as soon as Will started awkwardly clapping, it turned extremely uncomfortable and it became obvious that what Finn did wasn't a good thing. I doubt New Directions would've won, but maybe if he didn't kiss her, they could've cracked the Top 10 and made the showcase (of course, what would they have performed then?).


I've had issues with Brittany's character in the past as she alternates between total moron and complete genius, but I think the balance between the two was struck perfectly in her big final speech to Santana about love and friendship. She's flighty and enjoys living in her own fantasy world, but like a fool in any Shakespeare play, she also sees the truth and is able to understand the world better than anyone else. She's the embodiment of the saying "from the mouths of babes" and I was entertained and moved by her stirring speech.

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