'Girls' Premiere Recap: New Paths, New Loves and Nudity
'Girls' Premiere Recap: New Paths, New Loves and Nudity
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The ladies of Girls (wait ... yeah, okay) are back for a new season with all new adventures that "all adventures women" would most certainly appreciate. Before the title sequence rolls, we find Hannah in bed with gay ex-boyfriend Elijah, who is now her new roommate. We see Shoshanna burning incense or sage around her apartment, thanking the spirit world for her emotional and materialistic gifts and her plan to ruin Ray, who she lost her V-card to. Marnie gets the axe at the gallery and Hannah is back in bed, topless and mid-orgasm with not Adam, but a new guy.


Hannah is trying to keep her new man (played by Community's Donald Glover) at an arm's length so she doesn't ruin what they have the way she did with Adam. Adam is still in her life and they are still ... something. But Adam still has fairly serious injuries from getting hit by a truck that have left him in a cast and unable to get around. Hannah has taken on the role of caretaker, even though it's obvious that she just wants to end it.

Housewarming Party

Hannah and Elijah are decorating their apartment for their housewarming party. The two are having a blast living together and have big plans for upcoming theme nights. In comes Shoshanna talking a mile a minute about being deflowered and "bt dubs" and "this place looks amaze" and "oh em effing gee." Hilarious as usual. And then she sings karaoke. It's gloriously uncomfortable.

Friendships Above Self

Marnie and Hannah have a heart to heart about the current state of their friendship before getting interrupted by Elijah. Elijah has Hannah play bouncer and kick out his too-drunk boyfriend who begins yelling about cocaine and karaoke and everyone at the party being too boring. Hannah gets caught in the middle of being needed by everyone all at once. She reassures Marine, helps Elijah and then heads over to Adam's to deliver pain meds and Purell.

Hannah decides she has had enough of putting the needs of others before her own and tells Adam her true feelings. She's done. She doesn't want to be with him anymore. He pushes back a bit and reminds her of the strong feelings she used to have. Like the strong and independent female that she is, she tells him, simply, that she changed her mind.

Sexual Confusion

Meanwhile, back at Hannah's, Marnie and Elijah move from karaoke to couch hookup. Elijah questions his sexuality for only a moment before pulling away from Marnie in an awkward freeze. Marnie leaves and ends up in bed with Charlie at his place. Hannah ends up with her new guy and strips down for the camera in the final frame. 

Looking forward to another full season of Hannah finding herself and leaving us in shock and awe.

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