'General Hospital' High Five: July 21 2011
'General Hospital' High Five: July 21 2011
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from today's episode of General Hospital.

In today's episode, Brenda and her son left town with Jax. The moment Brenda arrived at his home, Sonny knew she had come to say goodbye. Brenda asked Sonny to apologize for what he did to Jax but he evaded her question. Sonny confessed to never being good at love but said he understood power and knew how to hold onto it. Sonny said that is why he would never give up his power for anyone. Brenda knew that meant he would never leave the mob and her son would never be safe so she made the choice to leave Sonny before Alec could be hurt. Brenda then accepted Jax's offer to leave town on his private plane, something Sonny found out that prompted him to prep his own plane, presumably to chase after his wife.

High Five Highlights:

5. Alexis gave Sam her blessing. While Alexis still has misgivings about what Jason does for a living, she wants her daughter to be happy so she gave Sam her approval to marry Jason.

4. Brenda paid Robin a visit before she left. Brenda asked Robin to promise that she would come visit her this time and Robin said she would even bring Emma with her so their kids could play together. Brenda also gave Robin a letter she had written to Sonny, telling Robin to give it to him whenever she felt the timing was right.

3. 'Diamonds at the start, diamonds at the end.' During their goodbye, Sonny told Brenda that he may have been too selfish to give her the kind of love she needs and he hoped she could find someone who would be able to do just that. Sonny wished her all the best and told her he would always love her, no matter where she is. A tearful Brenda returned Sonny's ring and repeated a phrase she used the last time their relationship ended.

2. Jax said his goodbyes to Morgan and Josslyn. Jax apologized to Morgan for breaking the promises he had made to him and they both admitted that they would miss each other. Then, Jax asked Morgan and Michael to look after Josslyn while he was gone, claiming he was leaving town on business and would be back soon. But with Ingo Rademacher exiting the show, that business trip may turn out to be never-ending.

1. Jason finally proposed to Sam. On a rooftop full of candles and with a substitute ring, Jason asked Sam to marry him. Once she was certain it was something Jason actually wanted and not just what he thought would make her happy, Sam said yes.


- Will Sonny follow through with his pursuit of Brenda or will he let her go?

- What do you think is next for Jason and Sam?

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