'Dancing with the Stars' News: What Else Are Gladys Knight and Gavin DeGraw Doing?
'Dancing with the Stars' News: What Else Are Gladys Knight and Gavin DeGraw Doing?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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An unusually high number of DWTS performers have non-dance commitments during Dancing with the Stars season 14. Keep reading to find out what celebrities Gladys Knight and Gavin DeGraw are up to when they're not on the dance floor.

A Sitcom for Gladys Knight
According to a report from TMZ.com, Gladys Knight has a whole new career beginning while she's dancing. The legendary singer has been cast in a new sitcom under development.

Called The First Family, the sitcom focuses on a President of the United States (fictional, of course) who has to balance family life with the responsibilities of running the nation. Gladys Knight is set to play the President's mother.

There is no word yet as to where The First Family might find a TV home, but it's probable that Gladys Knight's DWTS stint will speed up the broadcasting process.

What will this mean for Gladys' dancing chances? Only time will tell...

Why Read When You Can Listen to Gavin DeGraw
It's a wonder that Gavin DeGraw has any time at all for Dancing with the Stars season 14. He only recently released an album, Sweeter, and has a tour to promote that work running throughout Dancing with the Stars season 14.

Since Gavin's non-DWTS stuff is all of the auditory variety, you can check up on what he's doing via a series of videos. The videos are part of a series put online by Soundcheck.

In the first video, Gavin discusses the recording of his first record.

For the second video, Gavin talks about the emotions of separation and their usage in songwriting.

If you ever wanted to know how Gavin DeGraw chooses songs for his albums, the third video is for you.

The final video gives us a preview of his online live performances.

It's only a snippet though. If you want to see all of the live performances, click here.

(Images courtesy of ABC, videos courtesy of Soundcheck)

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