'Game of Thrones' Poll: Who Should Kill King Joffrey?
'Game of Thrones' Poll: Who Should Kill King Joffrey?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
If there's one thing every Game of Thrones fan can agree on, it's that King Joffrey must die. The twisted teen already got a butcher's son and a direwolf killed with his lies, ordered Ned Stark's execution, ripped out a minstrel's tongue and forced his future queen, Sansa, to stare at her father's head on a pike. He's essentially as bad as they come.

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In the Game of Thrones season 2 premiere, we saw more of his evil side as Joffrey held death matches to celebrate his Name Day and slapped his mother for talking back to him. He also learned that his uncle Jaime is probably his dad, causing him to have a near psychotic break that resulted in the mass murder of King Robert Baratheon's bastard children, which included ripping a baby from her mother and stabbing it.

As I said earlier, Joffrey must die. But who should get the honor and pleasure of doing it? I have not read the books, nor spoilers, so I have no idea if or when Joffrey dies. This is pure speculation based on the season 2 premiere.

Here are my top eight candidates:

Sansa Stark: The woman who is being forced to marry Joffrey, despite the fact that he killed her father, is forced to have a front row seat to his cruelty every day. She seems quite weak and passive, but perhaps she will eventually build up the courage to do what she obviously wanted to do at the end of last season when she nearly pushed him off a ledge.

Arya Stark: Her sword, Needle, has tasted blood, and she might be young, but she's obviously her father's daughter. Like Sansa, she was there when their dad was beheaded, and that is all the motivation a sword-wielding little girl needs.

Robb Stark: Robb vowed to kill all the Lannisters for killing his father, and he's leading a war against King Joffrey. It would also be a nice comparison if Robb took over the nickname of his current prisoner, the Kingslayer.

Catelyn Stark: Joffrey killed her husband and took two of her children captive (or so she thinks). You don't mess with a mother's love, and Catelyn could easily take her revenge.

Bran Stark: Joffrey is still a little boy, so it would be appropriate if another little boy killed him. Bran might be crippled, but he's growing in importance as we saw with the way he ran Winterfell and had dreams where he inhabited the body of his direwolf. Maybe that same dream world will help him take out Joffrey.

Jon Snow: Everybody loves Jon Snow, and he might be north of the Wall for now, but eventually he'll come back down and it seems inevitable that Jon Snow will become an important player in the game later on. Also, after Joffrey declared war on bastards, being killed by one would be sweet karma.

Cersei Lannister: This is a long-shot, but since Joffrey deserves to die a cruel death, I can think of nothing more hideous than being killed by your own mother. Their scene in the season 2 premiere showed that there is a potential divide between these two and Cersei is 100 percent supportive of her son's choices. Perhaps the day will come where killing him is her only hope of preserving her own position.

Tyrion Lannister: As soon as he arrived at King's Landing, it was very clear Tyrion did not approve of the way Joffrey was acting as king. He disagreed with the decision to kill Ned Stark, and it's obvious Tyrion believes in self-preservation above all else. If a time comes where Tyrion's only options are die or sacrifice his own nephew, it's easy to figure out what he would do.

No matter who does the deed, my hope is that it's painful and grotesque. It still feels wrong rooting for the violent death of a teenage boy, but in the case of the vile King Joffrey, I'm willing to make an exception. He has quickly become one of the most hated villains in all of TV and his death (if and when it comes) will inevitably be one of the most exciting and joyous moments of the entire series of Game of Thrones.

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