'Fringe' Videos: Two Looks at 'Back to Where You've Never Been'
'Fringe' Videos: Two Looks at 'Back to Where You've Never Been'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Fringe will return on Friday, January 13 with its first new episode in weeks. That episode, "Back to Where You've Never Been," follows Peter's desperate quest to figure out -- and fix -- what happened when he popped out of existence. Visits to the Other Side, doppelganger hijinks and a visit from a presumed-dead enemy will all feature.

Promo videos for this episode are now available, showing what we can expect when Fringe returns.

The first video, a high quality and official-looking promo, gives a brief look at "Back to Where You've Never Been."

For those of you who don't take the time to repeat the video multiple times with many pauses, here are the highlights:

  • Peter seeks the help of Walternate, who utters the super-obvious (yet still creepy) line, "Not everything is as it seems."
  • Fauxlivia and a bunch of army types seem to be arresting Peter and Lincoln Lee.
  • Peter smiles before hopping through a universe portal. We can presume that Lincoln follows.
  • Olivia, in a car, faces gunfire.
  • There's a room filled with people in glass tubes, hooked up Matrix-style.
  • We get a brief look at the not-dead-now David Robert Jones.
  • SUVs pull into an underground parking lot.
  • Walter acts crazy and scientific while a rainbow-colored pinwheel spins.
  • Olivia points her gun at the Observer.
  • Some people run through a park.
  • Peter takes a gun from Lincoln, simultaneously taking charge of the whole situation.
  • Then he shoots.

That's all well and good, but there are longer versions of this same promo out there. And they give away a little more information. Click play below for another version.

To summarize the flashes seen in this video:

  • Peter explains to Olivia that he must -- for some reason -- visit the other Universe.
  • Apparently he thinks that Walternate is the key to figuring out this whole time-travel, non-existence problem.
  • Either Walter or Walternate holds up a metallic object while blood drips from the man's gloved fingertips.
  • Peter visits the other Universe via one of those super-dangerous portals, presumably watched (and then followed) by Lincoln Lee.
  • Fauxlivia and her Fringe team arrest Peter and Lincoln on a boardwalk.
  • Agent Lee meets Agent Lee.
  • Fauxlivia greets Peter in her typical fashion.
  • SUVs race through the streets, possibly with Peter as a prisoner in the back. Based on the hairstyles, this may be in the alternate universe.
  • There's a longer view of the fight that leads to Peter taking Lincoln's gun.
  • Peter holds his alt-universe mother hostage (although obviously not against her will) while commandos mass outside.
  • Peter has an extended conversation with Walternate about going home. 
  • Brief flashes show the glass-tube people, David Robert Jones, Fauxlivia, and that alt-universe theater that served as a Universe portal.
  • The Observer talks to an extremely skeptical Olivia about something -- probably something about Peter.

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"Back to Where You've Never Been" will air on Friday, January 13 at 9pm.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)