'Fringe' Videos: Onion Rings and Soul-Searching in 'Wallflower'
'Fringe' Videos: Onion Rings and Soul-Searching in 'Wallflower'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We've got Peter. We've established that -- at least in his mind -- Peter does not belong where he is. Is it time to move on and return to the yucky creepiness that best defines Fringe? The answer, according to three video clips from this week's Fringe episode, "Wallflower," is both yes and no.

WARNING: These videos contain scenes from an upcoming Fringe episode. Thus, they constitute spoilers. If you don't like such things, do not keep reading. No need to get mean about it or anything!

The first video gives us a look at this week's crime scene:

  • Onion rings are indeed delicious.
  • Those are super-creepy red eyes. Wonder what that's all about?
  • Would you actually turn white if you were scared to death? Is that how it works? I'm not sure, but I do expect Walter to know these things.
  • Was Astrid a boring child? She certainly might have been an easygoing one, considering how well she puts up with Walter.

The second video takes us inside the newly-reinhabited home of Peter Bishop:

  • Peter needs to clean up. Also, he probably shouldn't eat that much Chinese food.
  • Lincoln Lee is a ridiculously nice guy. Even if he is committing the cardinal sin of falling for Olivia.
  • Is Peter building another Doomsday Machine? Or is he just trying to get the already-existing one to do his bidding? Have we even seen the Doomsday Machine in the revised timeline?

The final video of the bunch gives a glimpse into the bizarre, new personal lives of Olivia Dunham and Nina Sharpe:

  • The topic of conversation leads me to believe that this week's Fringe criminal might be one of those messed-up-by-science types. That would explain Olivia's worry about herself.
  • Is Nina covering up stuff about cortexiphan? Or does she honestly believe that everything is fine and dandy with Olivia?
  • Olivia is very optimistic if she thinks she should already know the meaning of life. Not even the geniuses in Fringe figure that out...

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The next episode of Fringe season 5, "Wallfower" will air on Friday, November 18 at 9pm.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)