'Fringe' Spoilers and Video: Painful Love and a New Lady
'Fringe' Spoilers and Video: Painful Love and a New Lady
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Love kind of sucks on Fringe.

We've seen traitorous lovers, impregnated doppelgangers, possibly false memories and apocalypse-averting sacrifices all get in the way of love on the show. And it doesn't look like things are going to get any better on the next Fringe season 4 episode, "A Short Story About Love." Keep reading for a new Fringe video (with spoilers!) and some Fringe casting news.

Here is the new Fringe video, "Love Hurts." Try not to shed a tear...

Someone always has to be heartbroken on Fringe, right? I suppose Peter and Olivia are both working on personal versions of heartbreak at the moment, but apparently the heavy ache has now tipped in the direction of Olivia. Peter's insistence that there is another Olivia waiting out there is not much fun for this Olivia. Not since she got all of those memories anyway.

Thus, Olivia wants Walter to fix her, to take away those Peter-related memories again. After all, the new memories seem to be doing an excellent job crowding out the old, non-Peter ones. And Olivia is rightly worried that Peter will disappear, leaving her alone with useless and emotional memories.

But it's not all about Olivia and Peter in "A Short Story About Love." We also get a glimpse of the Horrifying-Science-Gone-Wrong of the Week. I'm not sure what's up with the screaming guy in what appears to be an orange MRI. Or the Nosferatu lookalike. But the whole thing looks appropriately odd and ghoulish.

As for that weird, unintelligible murmur at the end, I've got no clue. It might be gibberish. It might be backwards-speak. It might be unimportant to the overall plot of Fringe season 4.

Maybe we'll find out when Fringe returns with "A Short Story About Love" on Friday, March 23.

A New Agent for Fringe
Whatever happens to our favorite Fringe folk over the next few episodes, it looks like they will soon be joined by some additional agents. According to a report from TVLine, one of those agents will be played by Georgina Haig.

Haig will appear in episode 19 of Fringe season 4 (probably airing late in April) and will play a character named Etta. Etta is described as a new agent -- probably working for Fringe division -- who may return for multiple episodes as season 4 continues.

The newly cast female agent will partner with another new agent, this one a man played by Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond on Lost). What that male character will be called and how long he will last (Cusick is starring in the midseason drama, Scandal) remain unknown. Georgina Haig is an Australian actress who has appeared in several TV series there but is little-known in the United States.

Fringe season 4 returns with new episodes on Friday, March 23 at 9pm on FOX.

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