'Fringe' Recap: Countdown to Resolution
'Fringe' Recap: Countdown to Resolution
Cassie L. Damewood
Cassie L. Damewood
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Peter can't wait to use the new toy in his head for more than beating the crap out of bad guys in alleys. Intellectual prowess always trumps physical aptitude and Peter is riding high on the male fantasy of having both--at once! Besides, Olivia could use a distraction from mourning Etta.

Peter Goes into Superhero Mode

Peter is overwhelmed by the blue-bathed images of the Observers on the street. His azure vision seems like it lasts forever, but it's actually quite brief. He recovers but still sees them in real color and as the images of Resis surround him, he calls Daniel and says he needs his help.

Peter arrives at Walter's place, coming up through his fireplace, the opposite route Santa takes, and Olivia chastises him for not waking to join his expedition. He quickly rebuffs her with claims that she was sleeping so soundly, blahblah, and before she can call him on his BS, they spy enemy baldy troops on the streets from their basement windows.

Return to Cinder

Walter continues to extract video tapes from the amber with his blowtorch. One tape makes Walter remember another man besides William Bell involved in the plot who had an accent. As he weaves his tale, Astrid recognize the story as a scene from Marathon Man. Levity prevails as Peter focuses on the task at hand. Astrid suggests opening up the original facility and going back to amber for more definitive answers. The scene they return to is rubble. Peter's fantastic vision lets him detect the entrance doors. Alas, just as he makes his proclamation, Olivia notices he's bleeding from his ear. Deep dark look from Peter and...cut.

Next, Walter examines Peter's ear and Olivia suggests the blast made his ear bleed. No one seems too concerned, so they concentrate on how to get into the chaotic mess and find what they need. Daniel checks in to tell Peter he couldn't get the briefcase from the Baldy and a frustrated Peter goes to Daniel.

Nina Goes Nurturing

While Peter goes to Daniel, the rest of the clan meets with Nina on a bridge for a tearful reunion. Olivia asks Nina for technological help to get into the old building. Nina agrees and at the site, she and Walter discuss his brain removal and if he's pissed about his personality changes. Walter likes that he's a gentler, kinder man and is sure Peter will not let him regress to his former self. Nina indulges him.

Peter Pounces

Peter talks to Daniel about the Baldy and realizes he misread him. He directs Daniel to go observe the Baldy precinct and call him when they show. After an attack of light, anxiety and spasms, Peter goes to a bar and pulls off an exchange of briefcases.

Girl/Boy Talk

Olivia confesses to Astrid that Peter doesn't sleep and she suspects he's hiding something. Astrid advises patience. Olivia thinks she's losing him again. Yeah, that's how it works with guys, especially the ones with fresh brain implants.

Walter and Nina discuss William. Peter says she couldn't hold onto him because he only loved himself and never loved her. Nina bids Walter and Olivia good luck.

Blowing It

Daniel spots a bunch of Baldies entering the venue. Moments later, the briefcase explodes their office, they are disseminated and Baldy hats fall to the ground as Daniel reports the victory to Peter. Peter lies to Olivia about his whereabouts and actions.

Access Granted

Nina's high tech assistance enables Walter to transform the mass at the former site into gas. All that's left is metal and they are able to take the hand of William Walter has preserved to access the vault. Files and specimens abound. Walter finds a The Man Who Fell to Earth David Bowie album William stole from him and deems him a true monster.

Walter cracks the safe and finds it empty except for a strange round metal object and a picture of Nina from long ago. When Peter touches the disc, it illuminates with colors and two missiles emerge from the underground up through the floor. Peter and Olivia each grab one and go off in separate cars. Oddly, no one comments on the missiles or explains why they are taking them with them.

Walter thanks Nina for her help and gives her the picture he found in William's safe. He admits he was wrong, that William did love her, but fears that he's being consumed by William more every day.

Olivia returns home to find no Peter. Peter steps out of the shadows to explain the extensive drawings and photos occupying the room and admits he implanted himself with the Observer genes. Olivia protests but is silenced by Peter mimicking her comments as she speaks and telling her he must proceed with his plans. So much for that promise of brutal honesty under all circumstances.

Walter caresses his missile and fondles the trinkets from his past. He engrosses himself in a David Bowie tune and traditionally rebuffs Astrid's affectionate attention. Peter continues writing his manic formulas and analyses of the Daniel on glass and normal walls, rubs his head and comes back with a handful of his hair.

Some days just suck.

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