'Fringe' Recap: Memoirs of an Invisible Man
'Fringe' Recap: Memoirs of an Invisible Man
This week on Fringe, the team investigates a series of killings committed by an invisible man who is stealing his victims' pigment to try to make himself visible.

Can You See Me Now

After having trouble sleeping because of a migraine, Olivia goes to the pharmacy to get a refill on her medication. On the way back home she sees Lincoln at a diner and goes in to talk to him. Lincoln tells her he hasn't really slept since he moved to the city because all the things they see keep him up at night.

In Beacon Hill, a man walks home in a hurry talking with his wife on the phone, telling her he thinks he's being followed. His wife calls the police but by the time they arrive the man is dead and all the pigment in his skin is gone. One of the police officers thinks someone is there and shoots at them.

When the Fringe team arrives, he tells Lincoln and Olivia it was a ghost, but Lincoln finds blood on a shard of glass and rules out ghosts. At an apartment building, a man rises out of a submersion tank in a makeshift lab, inspecting himself to see if he is visible. Later, the man gets into an elevator with a woman he is clearly attracted to, and after she gets off he begins to disappear.

Invisible Baby

The team finds two more victims who were killed the same way and Walter finds a mucus-like substance on victims body composed of cells similar to those that allow chameleons to blend into their surroundings.

Blood from shard of glass matches a baby's, who died six days after he was born. One of the baby's doctors tells Olivia and Lincoln that when the baby was born he was very pale, light burned him and his body was claimed by an insurance company.

The company's records eventually lead them to Massive Dynamic where Nina Sharp tells Olivia and Lincoln that the baby was alive and used for genetic experiments that cured the condition that was killing him to begin with but left him practically invisible. After a fire at the lab, they assumed all the subjects had died. Nina Says the boy was called Eugene, short for Unknown Genetic Disorder. Back at the apartment building, Eugene watches the woman in her apartment.

Light Up the Dark

Olivia asks Walter if it's possible that Eugene is stealing people's pigment to make himself visible and Walter theorizes that if Eugene is trying to revert to his original state then he is, in effect, killing himself.

After a new victim is found in a parking garage of the apartment building, the team suspects that Eugene is still there and begins a search using UV lights to see him. While searching a floor under construction, Olivia falls through part of the floor. As she hangs, Eugene finds her and helps her up.

Eugene tries to explain the loneliness of being invisible while Olivia tries to tell him that he's killing himself. Eventually Eugene flees when the rest of the team gets close. Later, the team finds Eugene's home and lab in the sub-basement of the building and call off the search when it's clear he is no longer there.

The next day, Eugene, in his visible form, sees the woman in the elevator again and she talks to him, giving him a the moment of love and life he's been searching for. After she leaves the elevator he collapses and dies.

Homemade Headache

Lincoln and Olivia agree to meet at the diner again that night, but as she's getting ready someone gasses Olivia's apartment. When she is unconscious, two men enter the apartment. One of them drugs her while the other checks what seem to be surveillance cameras hidden in her alarm's motion detectors.

The man who drugs her says she won't remember the last couple of hours but will wake up with one heck of a headache, all the while, Nina Sharp watches them from the doorway.

I liked the development of Lincoln and Olivia's relationship in this episode and the way Peter feels this isn't his Olivia. If should be fun to see how this aspect of the timeline change will play out. This episode wraps up the fall season of Fringe, but it looks like in January we'll get to go back to the other universe as Peter seeks out Walternate's help to return to his own timeline. That should work out well.

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