Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.04 "Momentum Deferred"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 2.04 "Momentum Deferred"
With all this talk of an impending war between realities, and cool typewriter-and-mirror set-ups, and shape-shifting creatures pretending to be FBI agents, and all of that complicated stuff, there's still one huge question: why again?

Sure, it's because Olivia obviously knows something that some say she shouldn't, and William Bell is obviously up to something.  Problem is, he's stuck in another reality, and she's got no idea of what exactly happened, and what is happening to her right now.  (Head trauma, most probably, right?)  Fuss no more: hopefully we get answers tonight.  At least some of the answers.

On tonight's Fringe, the team start digging through what Livy did before the accident.  You probably heard of this before, but here goes anyway: Walter cooks up a fringe-y cocktail of sorts to shake up her memory and make her remember stuff.  Which means we get to see William Bell again--yep, Leonard Nimoy is a guest star in tonight's episode.  Not to mention we get to see a bit more from Messrs. Bell and Bishop's experiments in the past, when another subject pops up--that girl with all the wires in her head.

Also tonight, the team investigates a series of robberies that they think is tied to shape-shifting.  For one, it's hard to track down who did who--must be only one person.  Then again, at least it isn't "Charlie" who did it.  That's Fringe tonight, from 9pm on Fox.  The photos are, as always, below this paragraph.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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