Fringe: Previewing Episode 1.21 "Unearthed"
Fringe: Previewing Episode 1.21 "Unearthed"
First, a backgrounder: the first season of Fringe was supposed to have 22 episodes, but they only aired 20 of them. I'm not really sure whether those two episodes were shot, but judging from tonight's special episode of Fringe, it could be. This is, after all, an episode from the first season.

Which is why it's airing on a special night--tonight from 9pm, to be exact. And it's also why you'll be seeing things you didn't expect to see again. Like, say, Charlie returning. Or Astrid's hairdo, which I honestly find cool (and I still miss after she had it tweaked when the second season began).

But the producers are playing a different card. Is this just an extra episode from the first season, or an episode from an alternate reality?

But Peter's there! Can't exactly be, right? Or maybe... anyway.

Tonight's case involves a girl who is pronounced brain dead. Could've been the end, especially when her mother decided to pull her off life support. But, in the middle of surgery--note, she's already dead, and the doctors are just taking her organs--she wakes up, mentions some code, and suddenly knows a lot of Russian. Oh, and some highly-classified information, too.

So, as things get usually complicated, Walter digs up some old lab videos and realizes the unthinkable. (I can't think of what it is.) What about the girl's connections to a missing soldier? The new(-ish) episode of Fringe airs tonight, again, from 9pm on Fox. The photos, well, they're down here.

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