'Fringe' Preview: Say Hello To Hollow Man
'Fringe' Preview: Say Hello To Hollow Man
It's been weeks since the World Series moved Fringe episodes around, but it's still hitting us hard: tonight's episode is the last Fringe episode before next year. So, instead of closing the fall with the team attempting to send Peter back "home", wherever that is, we get something like that Kevin Bacon starrer, Hollow Man.

But tonight's episode isn't just about the Fringe division tackling a case: there's also Olivia, who suddenly finds herself suffering from headaches. That should bring light to that preview clip of her and Nina talking about the cortexiphan trials.

Anyway, tonight's Fringe is a bit like Hollow Man: an invisible force is out to kill people. Only the guy in question didn't render himself invisible. In fact, the suspect's already dead -- he died of an unknown genetic disorder. Or, at least, the killer is connected to the dead guy.

Perhaps it's something that Peter can make sense of -- provided the team let him do it. Oh, but Olivia's still frigid, and Walter's treating him as an alien...

How this case exactly connects to Olivia's migraines, I can't tell yet, but tonight's ep should integrate Peter further into his "team" -- and set up what could've been: a fall finale that sees Peter being sent home. Well, baseball interfered, fellow Fringe fans.

Fringe returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.

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