'Fringe' Gives an Emotional Farewell at Comic-Con 2012
'Fringe' Gives an Emotional Farewell at Comic-Con 2012
Fringe says an emotional farewell in the biggest way possible, from Hall H at Comic-Con. Back in April it was announced that Fringe was renewed for one final season. Sad news, but when shows get a proper final season writers are able to finish the story the right way.

Who's Here?
Anna Torv (Olivia)
Josh Jackson (Peter)
Lance Reddick (Broyles)
Jasika Nicole (Astrid)
John Noble (Walter)
J.H. Wyman (Executive producer)

Jasika Nicole reflects back on Astrid:
With such a small part in season one she was surprised (and thrilled) to make it to season 5 without dying. Nicole also mentioned that fans always came up to her saying they were sticking with Fringe just to see Astrid's back story.

Josh Jackson learned from Peter: Hopes to aspire to the nobility of Peter. In awe of the sacrifice and all that he has done for Olivia and his father.

Peter and Olivia: Will there be a happily ever after? No spoilers here but Jackson thinks they will "get a final chapter to their story."... Gee, thanks for that. John Noble added that there's a real "love" that keeps all the characters together and going. Awe!

Favorite Scenes (they weren't in): Jasika Nicole chose the moment when Walter could not remember Peter's number and when Olivia returns home to find out the doppleganger has washed her clothes and begins taking them from the dryer. That emotional scene started the tears for Nicole and Torv. That's when Lance Reddick began crying too! His touching scene was when Astrid and her alternate discuss if her father loves her.

The mood lightened when Noble brought up Peter "chopping the guys fingers off" and Jackson brought up Seth Gable and his doppleganger. Jackson then brought up the two times he almost "lost his lunch" on set. The first time was when he saw a girls eyeball out of her skull. Watching it on set was ok but on screen it was more disgusting. The second was during the "Snakehead" episode where there were real and fake bodies around. When Noble pulled a long worm from what he thought was a real guys mouth he nearly lost it.

Henry Ian Cusick: J.H. Wyman wouldn't say if he'd be back. There are only 13 episodes but did say he was an "astounding performer last season...lets see if he makes his way into the season this year." 

Female Observers: Not a direct answer but we are told that it will become apparent this season when we watch and there is a reason behind it.

The panel opened with never before seen footage, without actually being in production. The crew actually filmed it special and it was what was shown to get a season 5.

There is a Fringe book coming out that is from September's point of view. The Observers are actually much worse that we think J.H. Wyman jokes.

While there have been ideas, Wyman hasn't always known how Fringe will end, but now he does and he has told the cast. Unfortunately a big theme of the panel was to keep the fans surprised which is exciting and frustrating at the same time. Jackson adds that it's "our last journey together."

Fan asked if the show will continue in another medium: Jasika Nicole said she'd like to keep it going in her own head but it would be very different. It'd be called "Adventures of Astrid." Noble said a film could be possible if we finish off the season well. (Jackson laughed and added "maybe if we filmed it." He also mentioned writing one of the Fringe comics so there's a good possibility those will continue. Things took a strange turn with fan fiction and "50 Shades of Fringe."

The panel showed an exclusive comic-con clip. While a series of clips come across the screen so does the following message written on the typewriter: Year after year. Case after case. Across time. Across Universe. You've believed the unbelievable. You've seen the unimaginable. You've experienced the undeniable. You've become part of our family. You've become part of our team. You've been our observers. One more season.

Fringe returns September 28 on FOX. For more spoilers from John Noble click here and you can find departure and more season five spoilers here.

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