'Fringe' Finale Preview: Sacrifices to Avert A Collision
'Fringe' Finale Preview: Sacrifices to Avert A Collision
Last week's Fringe--the first half of a two-part season finale--gave us too many things to take in, and that doesn't just count all those little details that vary between the two universes. So Peter is back to Walternate, and he's supposedly part of this weapon that could spell the end of the world. And William Bell is out to reverse the events possibly caused by what they call "Zero Event" -- the time when Walter took Peter, I presume.

And then, here I am, wondering: what exactly did Peter's kidnapping lead to?
No answers yet, but a few things are certain. The alternate Fringe division (with Charlie!) is taking these crossovers more seriously, for one. They're these extra-assertive people who are out to exterminate, it seems, anything that comes from our side. That should cause trouble to both Walter (who's been shot) and Olivia (who's watching herself make out with someone). And then there's William Bell. Why not him?

Oh, and one more thing: if I got it right, it seems the parallel universe is planning to get rid of us.

And that brings us to tonight, the second and last part of the Fringe season finale. I never thought we'd talk about this war so soon, but we're here, and things have to be done to avert a catastrophe. Sacrifices, they say, have to be made in order to keep the two sides from colliding, but who will do that? Will our Walter have to die? Will Olivia have to give herself up? Will a swap happen? The bottom line is, both universes will change drastically once these sacrifices are offered.

And then, again, there's William Bell. What does he have to do with all of this? Leonard Nimoy returns (in what is probably his last acting stint ever) on the season finale of Fringe, which airs tonight at 9pm on FOX.

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