Friday Night Lights: Taylor Kitsch is 'John Carter'
Friday Night Lights: Taylor Kitsch is 'John Carter'
Talk about a big break for Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch, at least for the movies.  After a quick turn as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he is set to take the much-coveted lead role in the upcoming Disney action flick John Carter from Mars.

The film, adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs' book series, will be directed by Andrew Stanton.  This marks his first live-action feature, after working on two of Pixar's most acclaimed animated releases, Finding Nemo and last year's critical darling WALL-E.  This film revolves around a civil war veteran who finds himself transported to Mars all of a sudden--and ends up being involved in a war between races there.

The role is a big one for Kitsch: Disney, which hopes to turn the film into another franchise like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, spent quite a while auditioning young actors for the role.  Jon Hamm and Josh Duhamel were among those who the studio considered, but Kitsch was ultimately selected, thanks to his work on FNL as well as his recent movie work.

Also taking a role in the film is his co-star in X-Men Origins, Lynn Collins.  The former True Blood star is set to appear as Dejah Thoris, the heir to one of the kingdoms in Mars.

The film is slated to begin production early next year, although no release date is planned as of the moment.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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