Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.10 "There Goes the Neighborhood" Recap
Friday Night Lights: Episode 2.10 "There Goes the Neighborhood" Recap
It's been so long since we've had a new episode of Friday Night Lights, that some of the previouslies seemed almost new! Tami and Shelly fighting, Buddy and his ex-wife, Pam's, new man fighting, ferret guy waking Tim up at gun point, Coach Taylor taking him in, and finally Landry telling Tyra that there will be no charges filed against him.

What will happen to our favorites, and not so favorite, this week? Will the Dillon residents get hours of warning about the incoming tornado like the Wisteria Lane residents? Will the Dillon and Laribee teams coexist? Will Tyra and Landry get back together? What discontent will Julie the brat cause now?

This episode opens with Shelly babysitting Grace. The weather is awful. She needs something from the store and Tim offers to go for her. Shelly thinks Tim is cute and kinda flirts with him a little. Tim sees Julie outside and she goes to the store with him.

While they are in the store, the emergency alert sirens sound and the tornado hits. Tim covers Julie with his body to protect her from the flying glass and debris in the store.

Back at the Taylor house, some time later, Tami is perturbed to see how distracted Julie and Shelly both are by Tim working out in the back yard. Eric tells her that he's received a call and that the Laribee school was severely damaged and that he was told that he has to share his football facilities with them. He doesn't think it will be a problem because he gets along well with the other coach.

Tami tells Eric that she doesn't think it's a good idea for Tim to be staying there. She's concerned about the teenage hormone thing with Julie, and probably Shelly, too.

At the Garrity home, Pam shows Lyla her new engagement ring. Later while out with her dad, Lyla spills the beans. Buddy is really hurt and upset and walks off.

In the Dillon locker room, Eric addresses both teams .. the guest and host speech ... and there is a little friction between him and the Laribee coach. The Laribee coach makes some snide comments, and Eric is snide right back. I really don't think this is gonna be a peaceful co-existence.

Landry goes to Julie for advice about Tyra. She seems to rebuff him, but later asks Tyra about him. Tyra admits that she likes Landry and Julie asks her what the problem is then. The Laribee quarterback, Chip, tries to hit on Tyra, but she blows him off.

The Laribee football team messes with the Dillon kids stuff in their lockers. Of course, the Dillon kids get in trouble with Eric when they are caught retaliating. This is getting uglier and uglier.

Landry finally works up the nerve to ask Tyra to the school dance, but she tells him that she's going with someone else. He's crushed.

Buddy goes to see Pam. He tries to convince her of the sincerity of his apology and to get her to give him another chance. I'm not a big Buddy fan, but he pulled at my heartstrings with his entreaty. Pam tells him that she loves him, but that it's over between them.

Tami catches Eric and Tim playing ping pong in the garage at 5am. She's not pleased. Another strike against Tim in her eyes.

At school, Landry gets jealous when he sees Tyra talking to Chip. He starts talking mess to Chip in front of the other Laribee players. Things escalate and when the Laribee boys go to jump Landry, the Dillon boys jump into it. It turns into an all out food fight and brawl. The Dillon team is punished by Eric, but the Laribee team is not punished at all by their coach.

Tami reprimands Shelly over her crushing and flirting with Tim, like it's really her business. Another fight between the sisters ensues. Tami hurts Shelly's feelings by calling her immature and Shelly tells her that she's surprised that Tami would allow someone so immature watch her 2 month old baby.

One of the Laribee players urinates in Tim's locker. When Tim goes over to confront him, the Laribee coach grabs him. Eric goes off on the Laribee coach and has him by the neck against the wall. He tells him to never touch one of his kids again.

At a house party, instead of the school dance, Julie and Landry play quarters and commiserate with each other over their love lives, or lack thereof. Landry decides that he's not going to give up on Tyra and he goes to the school dance after her. He sees her sitting alone and they talk. She tells him that she really does like him, but that her feelings scare her. He tells her that she needs to realize that he's not going to be waiting for her to realize that she's better than she thinks she is forever. He then walks away.

Julie is drunk as a skunk at that house party and this guy in one of her classes thinks that he's going to score with her. Tim warns him off and takes her home. She is so drunk, that he has to carry her into the house and put her to bed. Eric catches them in what looks to be a compromising position, but is really very innocent on Tim's part. Eric refuses to listen to anything Tim has to say and kicks him out.

Next week on Friday Night Lights, Eric continues to unfairly make things difficult for Tim. I usually really like Eric and Tami, but this week, not so much ... I really hope this gets straightened out soon.

-Ladytex, Forum Moderator
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