'Free Agents' Season 1 Preview Guide: Agents in Hot Pursuit
'Free Agents' Season 1 Preview Guide: Agents in Hot Pursuit
Alex (Hank Azaria) is a busy public relations executive and recent divorcee who finds comfort from his new troubles by spending a night with his co-worker, Helen (Kathryn Hahn). On Free Agents season 1, the two will deal with everyday obstacles as they are forced to explore their next few moves. How will they ever decide between staying friends and co-workers, and taking their relationship one step further?

What to Expect on Free Agents Season 1

From the trials of a demanding career and the difficulty of discovering one's self as a middle-aged single person, Free Agents season 1 takes on topics that hit home for many Americans. Alex and Helen, however they may end up, will undoubtedly form a special friendship that helps them overcome constant troubles including their hilarious yet overly invasive boss, Stephen (Anthony Stewart Head).

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NBC is at it again. Just like The Office, Free Agents is a sitcom, taking place mainly in a work-related environment, adapted from the cult classic British TV series of the same title. While the premise is almost identical, Free Agents season 1 seems as though it will take a different, more mainstream look at entertainment, following the likes of Private Practice and Lipstick Jungle rather than comedy favorites 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. On the other hand, John Enbom is one of the executive producers of the show, and was also one of the creators and writers for the Starz original series Party Down, a personal favorite of mine, however short-lived.

We've seen this storyline countless times, both on TV and the big screen, but the fresh and quick-witted lines in NBC's preview are sure to leave viewers wanting more, and secretly dying to know what will happen between Alex and Helen. Check out the upcoming preview of the new series right after Up All Night September 14 at 10:30 pm on NBC. Free Agents season 1 will continue to air Wednesdays at 8:30 pm.

Alyssa Stein
Contributing Writer

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