Flavor of Love: Moving on With Candace "Black" Cabrera
Flavor of Love: Moving on With Candace "Black" Cabrera
The third season of Flavor of Love ended with Thing 2 bagging Flavor Flav and bringing home the bacon, but viewers were even more surprised when, during the reunion show, Flavor Flav got down on his knees and proposed to none other than the mother of his children, Liz, who wasn’t even part of the show to begin with!  Since then, the women of Flavor of Love moved on to other ventures, and that includes Candace Cabrera, who’s more popularly known on the show as just Black.

"I’m doing a lot of parties and I just shot Smooth.  I did a Hype Williams video for Lloyd and Lil’ Wayne’s 'Girls All Around the World.'  Hype is amazing so he had us in silver body paint like robots," Black tells VH1.  "I did The Foxhole with Jamie Foxx, which was fun. I did a shoot for an Xbox video game, too.  And I got a couple of things coming up that should be out by the end of this year."

During Flavor of Love's third season, however, we heard some rumors about how Black was pretending to be all "gangsta" and coming from the African American race.  However, Black cleared this out by saying, "There were a couple of things that were cut and edited that I wasn’t happy with, like when they asked about my ethnicity and they made it look like I didn’t know if I was white or Hispanic.  I also think that people forget that I didn’t ask to be called 'Black.'  I wanted to be called 'Blue,' but Flav named me after the color of my dress.  It had nothing to do with how I act or the way I talk or anything dealing with skin color or ethnicity."

Nonetheless, she says that she was one of the women who were truly attracted to Flavor Flav, despite him being far from the typical tall, dark and handsome bachelor.

"Everyone asks, 'How can you be into him?'  But to me, it’s not about the way someone looks, it’s about how they make me feel," Black explained.  "Being with him, I felt ways that I haven’t felt with anyone else.  He’s very special to me and just spending time with him and talking to him one-on-one, just the things we’d talk about…he was able to tell me things about myself that no one else had.  He really could see into me as a person, and I saw into him and I loved what I saw."

Now that her stint on Flavor of Love is over, fans can catch her as she launches her own website, CandaceCabrera.com and pursues her modeling career.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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