'Fear Factor' Returns to NBC in December, Plus 5 More Reality Shows That Deserve a Reboot
'Fear Factor' Returns to NBC in December, Plus 5 More Reality Shows That Deserve a Reboot
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Have a holly, jolly, scary Christmas! Today NBC announced that Fear Factor, once again hosted by Joe Rogan, will return to NBC starting Monday, December 12 at 8pm with two-hour episodes.

Fear Factor's return comes after it was originally cancelled five years ago. NBC promises that it will be bigger and scarier than ever, though I'm not sure how they can top eating 1,000-year-old eggs and lying in a coffin full of cockroaches.

NBC's decision to bring it back follows a trend of other networks bringing back previously canceled shows, most notably FOX bringing back Family Guy, Comedy Central with Futurama and MTV's impending return of Beavis and Butt-head.

The return of Fear Factor also makes me think of other past reality shows that deserve a second chance. Here are five that I'd love to see come back just like Fear Factor.

Beauty and the Geek: The brilliant WB competition paired nerdy guys with dim-witted but sexy women to compete in pairs with intellectual and social challenges. Despite the fact that many reality shows claim to be "social experiments," this one was and the contestants were incredibly endearing. The CW has failed to come up with a successful new reality show, so maybe bringing back this one would be a hit.

Average Joe: This NBC dating show was just like The Bachelorette, only the men weren't exactly the typical male-model caliber guys. It was a nice change of pace and could be just what TV needs.

Farmer Wants a Wife: The title of this preposterous dating show says it all, but the real reason to bring it back is the theme song. Enjoy.

Million Dollar Money Drop: After a brief run last winter, FOX sadly canceled this hilarious game show where contestants put money on a podium and waited for it to drop if they put it on the wrong answer. The intense excitement of watching money fall was awesome and if they could just pick up the pace, it would be a hit.

Playing It Straight/Boy Meets Boy: With the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and gay marriage in New York, it's time to bring back these ridiculously dating shows. On Playing it Straight, a woman had a group of men to date, some of whom were straight and some of whom were gay, and she would win if she could eventually pick a straight one. Boy Meets Boy was a dating show for gay men, but the potential daters also included several straight men trying to win money. Watching gay men pretend to be straight or straight men pretend to be gay is just too hilarious not to be on TV.

What former reality show would you like to see back on TV?

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