'Family Guy' Heads to Carnegie Hall, Uses New Marketing Ad to Promote DVD
'Family Guy' Heads to Carnegie Hall, Uses New Marketing Ad to Promote DVD
Variety reports that Seth McFarlane's Family Guy stage show will be featured next month at the Carnegie Hall.  Titled “Family Guy Sings!,” the production is set to showcase on November 24 and 25 and will feature the cast of the FOX animated series in a live performance of two uncensored episodes of the show.  Additionally, the show will feature musical numbers from different episodes and some material that has never been aired.

The production is backed up by a 40-piece orchestra headed by Family Guy composer Walter Murphy.  Additionally, fans will be treated to a preview of The Cleveland Show, Family Guy's spin-off scheduled to air next month.

Back in 2004 and 2007, the live staging performances from the FOX animated comedy hit became popular in Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festivals.  Since then, similar live shows have been featured for limited runs in Los Angeles, Gotham and Chicago.  So far, the Carnegie Hall will be the production's biggest and most glamorous venue yet.

"We hope the good people at the hall are ready for a barrage of masturbation jokes that'll make Igor Stravinsky's 'Concerto No. 69' look like George Gershwin's 'Clean Wholesome Hugs,'" MacFarlane said. David J. Foster and Jared Geller will be behind the production of the Family Guy Sings!

Meanwhile, FOX signed on to be the first advertiser to use the new ad format on The Sun site in line with the promotion of Family Guy DVDs, News Media Age reported last month.  Beginning October 12, the hit animated comedy show will kick off a four-week-long string of activities which would promote two DVD releases, including Peter Griffin: Best Bits Uncovered with the new elastic-MPU format. Fans will be able to access a site featuring video clips and wallpapers through the MPU, which is powered by Hijack Media.

"We proposed the use of elastic ads as they're fully interactive," digital sales executive for News Group Media Carina Elliott said.  Moreover, the campaign for Family Guy season 7 features a widget by Woot!Media, in which they can alter the content on any website to include character catchphrases.

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-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Variety, New Media Age
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